Top 10 CurlyEllie Hair - Donts, for Curls

I have published lots of articles about what to do to your curls to have healthy, happy curls. So, this time.. here are my No, No's.



 MY -  Do NOT List

1. Do NOT Sleep with your curls on a cotton pillow case

It is so important to protect your precious curls while sleeping

We recommend using a satin cap on your hair while sleeping, to avoid a loss of moisture. If you have a wriggly toddler that will not sleep in a cap, I find that satin pillowcases work just as well. Or simply put your hair up with one of our satin scrunchies.

2. Do NOT shy away from daily hair Moisturising

Curls need moisture to thrive, like an oasis. It is so important to keep your curls moisturised at all times, Curly hair loses moisture much quicker than other hair types. Look for products with humectants like Glycerine, which pulls moisture into the hair, retains moisture in the hair and provides a barrier to keep the moisture locked in. 

3. Do NOT use products with ingredients that are not always kind to curls.

We discussed Silicones and Parabens in previous blogs.

It is very important to invest in products with good quality ingredients. The saying -"if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys" holds true for curly hair care. 

4. Do NOT Embrace Knots, Tangles and Matted hair.

It is key that your hair is tangle and knot free to achieve perfect curls

Touching dry hair can lead to frizz. HANDS OFF!

Try not to touch your hair after applying the Leave-In Conditioner and/or Detangling Spray, unless you want a frizz explosion. You can gently tap with our Scrunch Towel.

5. Do Not Avoid a weekly Deep Conditioner

Use the CurlyEllie deep treatment hair mask on your curls for 15 minutes once a week. You can use it on wet or dry hair.

6. Do NOT use too much heat on your curls.

Heat pulls out moisture from the curls and causes damage as well as breakage. Minimise your heat and love your natural texture.

Use lower settings and condition your hair before hand, so your hair has an extra layer of protection,

7. Do NOT use lots and lots of different products and different product combinations 

Each curl is unique and you can sometimes get carried away with buying loads of different oils and creams for your hair. Do your research and only buy products suitable for your curls.

8. Do NOT Wash your hair too often.

Washing your curly hair too often and using clarifying shampoos can remove the hair's natural oils. Curly hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as other hair types, stick to once or twice a week.

Chemicals, additives and perfumes in shampoos and conditioners can strip the hair of essential oils, alter the pH balance and cause irritation over time, so opt for pure and natural products.

Experiment until you find a frequency that works for you and your hair.

9. Do NOT Avoid Washing and Conditioning

Shampooing and conditioning are processes that are often taken for granted in most healthy hair care regimes.

This should be the foundation of your healthy hair care regime. The shampoo and conditioner not only clean but they also support healthy hair growth and retention.

Regular shampoo and conditioning helps provide the hair with the moisture it requires because water is encouraged to bind with the hair shaft each time the hair is washed.

    • How frequently you wash depends on your child's hair: some hair types only need a weekly wash, some more frequently.  

10. Do NOT fall out of love with your curly hair

One of the main reasons I made CurlyEllie for my daughter Ellie, was to instill in her, a pride in her amazing curls by showing her how easy it is, to keep her hair healthy, happy and easy to wash, condition and style. Always love your hair, regardless of the texture, type or curl patterns. Curls are beautiful, sexy and sassy – rock them as they are!


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