The CurlyEllie Curly Hair Do NOT list is Continued

I have had so much feedback from my Do NOT List that I have decided to add an additional 5.

Here they are, in no precise order. *Drum Roll*

11. Do NOT Brush Dry Hair

Avoid brushing curly hair when dry because it will cause the hair to frizz and separate due to a breaking up of the curl. 

12. If you must brush, brush when conditioning

Sometimes tangles are unavoidable. Gently tease out knots when the hair is wet, and well-lathered with conditioner.  Start at the ends and hold the hair near the knot and very gently work the brush through the hair, a small section at a time.

13. Pat and squeeze your curls to dry

In movies, the star steps out of the shower and rubs her hair vigorously to dry it.  In real life, curly hair should be patted and gently squeezed dry to avoid breaking up the curl and creating the dreaded frizz. Try using an old t-shirt or our Scrunch Towel.

14. Do NOT Brush from Root to Tip

The key is to start combing or brushing near the tip of  your hair, not at the root. Start at the tip and work your way, little by little, to the root.

Always hold the hair just above the snag you’re working on to prevent tugging at the scalp. 

15. DO NOT be Afraid to Touch your hair

All I can say is - "Get over it".. It takes 2 minutes of washing and conditioning, and another 2 minutes for massaging the leave in conditioner and spraying the conditioning detangling spray to get  curls fab for the day. Isn't it worth it ?





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