5 Essential Tips to Get perfectly defined curls

I often get complimented on how my hair looks and how defined my curls are - so I have decided it was finally time to share my tips to achieve perfectly defined ringlets with the CurlyEllie Community:


1. Switch up silicones for a choice of more natural ingredients

We have spoken before about why silicones are not good for your hair, they may create an illusion of healthy and shiny hair but they actually create a layer on your hair that attracts debris and dirt, read why here. When picking products for my curls I always stay away from harsh chemicals and this includes silicones and parabens, but I try to keep an eye for products that have good quality ingredients. This is why I was immediately attracted to the CurlyEllie line. CurlyEllie is all about the quality of the ingredients when creating products for your curly hair: as we look after our bodies and what we eat, what goes into our diet and on our hair has an effect on how our hair behaves and looks.

2. Trim your hair, cut damaged ends

I have always been scared of hairdressers (who else fears them more than the dentist?) however almost 30 years into my life I have realized how important it is to have regular trims to make sure my curls stay always healthy and shiny. There is no ‘set time’ when I cut my hair, I believe in feeling my hair and seeing when they need extra love and maybe a little cut. Also, if you use heat on your hair, colour them or straighten them here and there keep a look out for split ends that may affect the definition of your curls, they need to go!

3. Apply products on damp hair

It’s so nice to get out of the shower, relax, towel dry your hair, cream your body... and then go back to styling your curls, right? Wrong! If you are after perfectly defined ringlets you really need to make sure you are styling your hair whilst damp. If you prefer to wait until they start to dry or if you get busy in the meantime the next best option is re-wetting your hair with a spray bottle or using the CurlyEllie detangling spray and then using styling products- you will see a big improvement :)


4. Define curls individually


So now that you are out of the shower and you are ready for styling my next tip is about how you apply your styling products. Grab a hair clip and lift the top of your hair (if you have higher density of hair you may need more than one), apply your leave in conditioner in small sections, follow up with the CurlyEllie styling serum and then use a Denman brush for each small section, to promote curl formation. Repeat this process for the whole of your hair. It may take longer than simply applying your leave-in in one go but the results will be rewarding.


5. Diffuse or air dry (without touching your hair until it is fully dry and then separate curls)


If you have very long hair you may find air drying a long and painful process (especially if it’s winter and you live in the not so warm UK). Scrunching your hair and drying it with the diffuser can help you with speeding up the process and will help you achieve more volume too (I find that air drying sometimes stretches my hair because of the weight of it). I diffuse my hair ALWAYS with my head upside down and make sure that when one side of my hair is partially dry, I flip my head to the other side and repeat the process. DISCLAIMER: do not touch your hair until it’s 100% dry if you want to avoid frizz, you can always use an afro pick afterwards or just separate individual curls with a tiny amount of oil in your hands for added volume.



Congratulations! Your wash day will be a success if you follow these tips, make sure you take care of your hair throughout the week and follow my sleeping tips to prolong your style (link to https://www.curlyellie.com/blogs/tips-and-hair-inspiration/no-more-bed-hair-days). ️



And don’t forget to share your results with us on instagram by tagging @CurlyEllie.


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