No more bed hair days - Simple Nightime routines to try and enjoy


Do you find that you wake up with crazy bed hair and just the thought of styling or doing anything to your hair makes you want to crawl back into bed ?

Well.. here are some top tips to make that "Bed Hair" day a thing of the past. 

You may have already nailed your wash day and perfect CurlyEllie product  combination but, there are extra measures you need to put in place to ensure your curly hair looks fab right up until the next wash rolls up.


Here is how one of our fab CurlyEllie Comminity member tackles this...


My night routine is quite simple (or i would like to think so 👀). I always sleep on a satin pillow case and recently I have been doubling up with a satin bonnet too.


I discovered the importance of sleeping on satin a few years (and many bad hair days) ago now. Satin is soft to the touch and helps smooth frizzy hair and minimize the friction you get when your hair is rubbing against a harsher fabric (say a cotton pillowcase!)


When I started using it for the first time I immediately realized how big of an improvement I would see in the morning - less time sorting my hair and getting them back in shape, more time sleeping (yay!)


On top of the benefits of sleeping in satin I prefer to wear a bonnet when being around the house and when I sleep. The reason for this Is I am able to keep my hair away and no rolling in bed or crazy dream is going to mess up my super defined ringlets.


Sounds good, but what do you actually do in the morning?


Everyday when I wake up after I have done my makeup and got ready to go to work I take off the bonnet and spritz my hair with water - I use a water mist spray bottle as this enables the hair to be lightly wet rather than completely covered in water (British winter and wet hair = I will definitely get a cold!)


Styling with CurlyEllieIn my water mist spray bottle will add either CurlyEllie’s detangler or a couple of pumps of the leave-in conditioner.


  • After spraying my hair with water I will then look at individual curls that need extra care (we all have an area that requires more attention or is it just me?) and add the CurlyEllie Styling Serum on top for perfect definition and hold.
  • CurlyEllie Serum for Styling Curly and Frizzy HairCurlyEllie Styling Serum provides long-lasting curl memory and definition and really helps refresh ‘day two’ curls.
  • It can be used on damp hair or dry hair. It adds that natural soft hold without the gel cast and is also great for protection against environmental pollutants, UV, wind and dry atmosphere.

Your hair will be coated in liquid goodness!




Extra step: diffusing your hair for 5/10 minutes with your head upside down.

Do I have time for it every day? No.

Would I like to do it?  Yes!

After either diffusing or just leaving my hair to dry naturally I am out of the door ready to kick start my day!

Sounds Easy.. any tips for us ?

Bonus tip: never forget to pack your satin pillowcase or your favorite satin scarf or bonnet when you are traveling, you can thank me later 🙏🏽



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