CurlyEllie Summer Curl Tips 2024

A little collection of our favorite summer tips for gorgeous, nourished and frizz-free curls! It's your summer!

Gentle Shampoo

  • Our shampoo contains ingredients that have been known to help alleviate and soothe skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and cradle cap!

Nourishing Conditioner

  • Emulsify your conditioner before applying to wet hair so it spreads better and you can brush your curls to prevent breakage and frizz!

Intensive Treatment Mask

  • If you are suffering from heat damage or extra dry hair, swap out your leave in conditioner for this, for much needed moisture!

Leave In Conditioner

  • Pop in some leave in conditioner before you go in the pool or sea, and it will help protect your curls from the chemicals and dryness!

Detangling Spray

  • For even distribution, you can fill your Curl Hydrator with Detangling Spray and spray away!

Styling Serum

  • If your hair is lacking shine, then try the serum, it’s lightweight and shouldn’t weigh your curls down, it will also provide a little hold!

Natural Hold Gel

  • If you notice you still have some frizz after styling and you need more hold, a gel is for you! You can work out which gel is the gel for you HERE!

Strong Hold Gel

  • Our Strong Hold Gel contains protein, and if that is for you then it will help strengthen your curls with intense shine! Plus, the hold lasts all day!

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