Best Tips for Looking After and Styling your Naturally Curly Hair

If you have Naturally Curly Hair and have been lucky enough to receive your CurlyEllie Mini Works or Full Works and want to know where to start or what order to use your goodies... This is great starting point.

There is a general way to use the Collection but everyone has their own  routine that they embrace after experimenting with our Full Collection.

We try to share as many routines as possible on our Instagram Page.

In this post, I will share a basic routine you should try first. After that, you can do less or more of each step before changing and experimenting.


Step 1 : Washing and Conditioning

Washing and Conditioning should be the very first step in any hair care routine and should not be taken for granted. This is where you should detangle your hair.

Shampooing your curls

  1. Wet hair and massage a small amount into your hands and apply to your wet curly hair. 
  2. Use your fingers to finger comb along the length of the hair. This gently detangles your hair. Finger detangle as much as possible. 
  3. Leave the main detangling to after the Nourishing Conditioner is applied Rinse and re-apply if necessary.


Conditioning Your Curls

You can sometimes skip the Shampooing and dive straight into the conditioning. This is especially useful if your hair is already clean and does not need to be cleansed.   This is also the time to really detangle your hair when it is damp with the Nourishing Conditioner.

  1. Massage about 2 handfuls of Nourishing Conditioner unto wet or damp curly hair.
  2. Finger comb it through the length so all the hair is coated.
  3. Leave on hair for 5 to 10 minutes. For damaged, coloured or very dry hair  that need a bit more care, substitute this with the Intensive Mask.   Leave for 30 minutes for deep treatment or overnight for extra dry/damaged hair. 
  4. Rinse out - Once it’s all detangled, rinse upside down to encourage volume at the roots. Gently towel dry your hair with an old t-shirt or our Scrunch Towel and blot (don't rub) your hair with the towel. Rubbing wet hair causes damage that leads to frizzy hair.
  5. Afterwards, gently comb with a wide tooth comb or fingers to detangle. If really knotted, you could use a brush but take care not to tug at the knots.

 Read Why Regular Washing and Conditioning is important  and  More tips on Washing the CurlyEllie way


Step 2 : Styling 

I believe that how you have your hair is personal and there is no right or wrong style. The trick is to Resist constant styling and manipulating your hair.. Combing, brushing, tight ponytails and frequent manipulation can lead to breakage.

There are many different options to explore here and you can see many on our Instagram page @curlyellie. I will share Ellies routine below and also post a few more options.

  • Firstly, spray the detangling spray generously through the hair from root to tip. Remember, the thicker the curls, the more spray will be needed. You need enough to get your curls back to their own natural shape and definition. If your hair is thin, dilute to make it less concentrated.
  • Next, use your fingers to brush through the hair to separate and define curls.
    Optional : you can use a hair brush to get rid of any tangles out of your hair but  fingers or a wide tooth comb work best for me.
    • Finally, lock in the moisture and curls with the Curly Ellie Curl Defining Leave-In Conditioner. Squirt a small amount into your hands and rub them together, before brushing through the hair again with your fingers. Allow your hair to dry naturally, and look forward to fresh and healthy looking curls!

    SCRUNCH for volume... use an old T-Shirt or our Scrunch Towel.

    I love to add a bit of the Styling Serum at the end to just give it a little bit more shine and extra ommph to keep the frizz at bay.


    Thick Curls 

    Try the routine above and dont feel scared to apply too much - thick hair can take all that is thrown at it. Just leave to dry naturally.

    Fine Curls

    • Try using the Leave-In Conditioner on wet hair (but not too much. A 5p amount can usually do the trick)
    • A personal favourite of mine is to use the Hair Mask as a leave in conditioner for finer hair - its amazing. Apply as you would the Leave In conditioner and scrunch or just leave to dry naturally.
    • Spray with the Detangling Spray and add a bit of the  Styling Serum, skipping the Leave In conditioner.


    Most importantly, experiment with different routines and listen to your hair. If your hair feels dry, use the Detangling Spray.


    Step 3 : Deep Condition

    Deep Condition your hair once a week at the minimum. This will help strengthen and soften your new growth and also prevent breakage.

    After a few weeks of deep conditioning you should expect to see very noticeable improvements in your hair texture, shape and look.

    See our post on how best and how frequently to deep condition that answers questions including :

    • How often do I use the Intensive Hair Mask ?
    • How long do I leave the Intensive Hair Mask on my hair ?
    • Can I use the Intensive Hair Mask on straight hair ?
    • Do I apply the Intensive Mask before, after or with the Nourishing Conditioner .. and many more questions ?


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