Curly hair night time routine to protect your children's curly hair.

Curly hair night time routine to protect your childrens curly hair.

Sleep is good for the hair.

Night time is a time that the body and hair actually grows and rests. On holiday in Morocco, I met a couple from Reading. Their daughter's curly hair was gorgeous. I could not resist asking her mum what she did to make her daughter's hair so full, knot free and shiny.

She shared her daily routine with me, and below is my take on it, with a few additional steps I added. These 6 steps are a godsend when working with my children’s curly hair.

  • STEP 1. Dampen your childs curly hair our CurlyEllie Moisturising Detangling Spray.
  • STEP 2. Carefully detangle your childs curly the hair using your fingers, making sure you remove large knots
  • STEP 3. Carefully part the hair into 4 sections.
  • STEP 4. Starting about 2 inches above the ends of the hair, carefully detangle with a large wide-toothed comb or a brush designed for curls.
  • STEP 5. Loosely braid/plait the hair and keep it out of the way
  • STEP 6. Protect it by wrapping it in a satin headscarf, or satin scrunchie or, if not available, an old pair of non-cotton tights would work as well. Not only does it protect the curl, it also keeps the hair moist and stops it from rubbing on the sheets which can cause drying, frizz and damage.

Please send any thoughts/additions to these steps and what works for you!

Otherwise there are a few hair styles that are good for sleeping:

  • Loose braids and twists can be lightly conditioned and wrapped for the night time
  • Loose hair, wrapped in a headscarf or tights, will protect the curl

Sleeping in tight braids/plaits are not ideal and should be avoided where possible as they lead to breakage and stress the hair. Eventually the hair will be pulled straighter, damaging the natural curl.

If you do wear buns and pony tails, make sure you loosen them before sleeping and place the ends at the top of your head, so they do not rub on the pillows and sheets.


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