2024 is the year to LEVEL UP your hair care routine!

Level UP your hair care this New Year, and have the year you and your hair deserve.

Welcome to a new year bursting with possibilities. In this blog, we're sharing quick and effective tips for a curl-tastic transformation with CurlyEllie. From upgrading your routine, discovering new products and tips to embracing self-care Sundays, let's make 2024 the year your curls shine, figuratively and literally. Ready to come on this journey with us?

  1. Try using our Radiance and Brightening Oil as a weekly pre-poo treatment.

Oiling your scalp and hair will help nourish your locks and leave you with a healthy, flake-free scalp. You can leave it on for an hour or even overnight for curls that are extra dry. Our oil uses a natural silicone alternatives made from renewable tung, castor and rapeseed oils that help prevent heat damage and leave your curls with a natural gloss on each strand and keep your hair and scalp more resilient to daily wear and tear, including heat and breakage. You can read more about the versatility of our oil HERE

  1. Give double cleansing a go!

Double cleansing is a great way to go longer between washes and make sure you’re keeping your hair and scalp fully free of any build up. Both the CurlyEllie and CurlyEllie Intense shampoos are gentle and don't strip your hair.

  1. Try introducing a Scalp Exfoliator into your haircare routine.

Not only does it feel WONDERFUL, but it helps stimulate the hair follicles to encourage hair growth. You can use it with your shampoo or to really massage in your oil treatment.

  1. Start implementing a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Using our Intensive Treatment Mask once a week is not only a great way to take 10 minutes of self care a week, but also a great way to ensure your hair stays healthy and nourished throughout the colder months and changing temperatures.

  1. If you’re starting on your healthy hair journey and your curls are heat damaged or chemically damaged, use our Intensive Treatment Mask instead of a Leave In Conditioner.

This is a great way to impart maximum nourishment on damaged and dry curls on a daily basis. You can read more about a success story implementing this HERE. For added benefits, use a shower cap, heat cap or steamer.

  1. If you have fine hair that doesn’t need a lot and find lots of styling products heavy on your curls or waves, try using the Detangling Spray to give a little bit of moisture that your hair needs, whilst remaining super light.

Bonus Tip: This works great for straight hair too, it’ll simply make your hair look healthy and shiny!

Bonus Tip 2: You can dispense the Detangling Spray into a Curl Hydrator for super easy refreshing and even coverage!

  1. Starting looking at your Leave In Conditioner the way you would a facial moisturiser – integral to any hair care routine to keep your hair moisturised and healthy!

If you have fine or straight hair, you might not need something so heavy, but still a touch of moisture, see tip 5!

  1. Got fine hair, but still seeing some frizz? Up your game and try our Styling Serum!

Our Serum offers lightweight frizz control and a little bit of hold and shine to boot. It can be used on its own, on dry hair to refresh the frizz and with a gel to scrunch out some crunch and make your curls shine.

  1. Do you ever feel like your routine is missing something? Like that little extra je ne sais quoi or extra hold for long days or events? Could be that the gel is the secret ingredient!

Gel can be the last step in any curl routine, for curls that can last for days, or at the very least, all night! You can read about the differences between our Natural Hold Gel and our Strong Hold Gel HERE.

  1. If you haven’t introduced a Microfibre Towel into your hair care routine, 2024 might be the year!

Scrunching or patting your hair with a microfibre towel will really help reduce frizz and breakage. It also removes enough moisture for damp styling if that’s your preference!

We’re so excited for what 2024 has to bring, to discover new tips, share new tips and tricks and have the best hair year of our lives!

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