Winter Hair Tips 2.0

It’s that time of year again, the weather is finally getting colder and we’ve hit single digit degrees here in the UK, instead of 16 degrees in November!! So it’s WINTER TIP TIME!

Conditioner is your best friend! Leave in conditioner will keep your curls moisturized. If you feel your hair needs a boost, top up moisture with our detangling spray. A quick spritz and you’re good to go!

Mask up! Try doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week with our Intensive Treatment Mask for at least 10/15 minutes. Wrap your hair up in a towel or shower cap for maximum moisture absorption!

Oil! Oil isn’t for everyone, but if your hair loves it then this is the tip for you. If your hair is particularly prone to dryness, you can seal in your Leave In Conditioner with some Protection & Radiance Brightening Oil from our Intense Range. Oil creates a seal to keep that delightful moisture in. Scrunch in a couple of drops of oil after applying your other styling products, but whilst the hair is till wet or damp.

Use a microfibre towel! Use one of these instead of a regular towel as it’s much gentler on your curls, absorbs excess water quickly and efficiently and helps reduce frizz and split ends!

Never brush dry hair! This is a ‘never’ for curly hair at the best of times but in winter our hair is extra dry and more prone to breakage in the colder weather.

Avoid the heat! Speaking of breakage, adding heat to already dry hair can cause extra damage. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable and that’s fine, but just make sure to protect your curls before applying heat and make sure you are using the lowest heat setting!

Protective Styles! These styles are a great way to protect your curls in the cold, whether that looks like a loose ponytail, messy bun or braids, these all help! Bonus points for using a satin scrunchie to help reduce frizz, breakage and pony bumps! If your head is still nippy, satin lined beanies and hats are a wonderful option and super gentle on your curls!

Bonus tip for all year round! A satin pillowcase is a great way to avoid split ends and frizz whilst sleeping. It’s great for skin too! Alternatively, satin sleeping caps are a really nice alternative as well.

Give your curls a little trim! It doesn’t have to be much but it will help the dry ends from snapping, which will help with overall hair health, growth and maintenance!

Bonus tip for our exercise fans! If you do any vigorous outdoor exercise like running or cycling, make sure to plait your hair or tie it up in a bun. Turns out the constant swinging motion of a pony tail can cause friction and therefore frizz, tangles and breakage!

Water! Whether you’re an exercise girlie or not, make sure to drink plenty of water! Hydrate from the inside out, health is wealth!

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