Take the Frizz out of Winter Curls

Continuing our winter curl tutorials

We love sharing our tips with you and wanted to upload a post showing a real 'before and after' of how the CurlyEllie styling set helps your curls.


A step by step guide:

1. First Spray the Detangling spray generously over the hair making it is damp from the roots to the ends. The thicker the hair the more Spray needed.

2. Brush through the hair with fingers to separate and define the curls.

3. Use a hair brush to get any tangles out of the hair. We love the wet brush that you can also pick up from Victoria Health.

4. Lock in the moisture and curls with the CurlyEllie Curl Defining Leave In Conditioner. Squirt a small amount into your hand and rub them together. Now repeat step 2.


5. Wait for the curls to dry and remember to send us your before and after pictures!

NOTE: The amount of product used is entirely dependent on the thickness of the hair. Fine hair does not need as much to detangle.


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