Ultimate Top 8 Tips for Winter Curls

We’re about to fully transition into winter, which means that lovely drop in temperature to single digits and frost.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this wreaks havoc on our hair. There’s dryness and frizz, which isn’t what you want during the holiday season where we might even be allowed to go out to some parties this year!

So, I’m here to bring you my absolute top tips to help with this!

  1. Moisture! A deep conditioning once a week, with something like our Intense Treatment Mask, is important to help replace the moisture the cold sucks out of our hair.

  2. As our grandmas always used to say: “Don’t go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold!” Or if you’ve ever been anywhere really, really cold, you’ll know that if you step outside with wet hair your hair will freeze, which is not great for the curls! If you need to wash your hair in the morning and go out into that fresh winter air, is to scrunch the excess water out with a Microfibre Towel. This leaves you with just enough moisture left for styling, all whilst reducing frizz.



3. Avoid heat as much as possible, although it seems like a contradiction to the previous tip, heat will only dry your hair out more. But it is sometimes necessary, so when that is the case, always use heat protection, such as our mask or oil from the Intense Range, and dry on a low heat.


4. Try to wash your hair less so your hair retains more of the natural oils. This will help your hair stay hydrated - but this is not the time to scrimp on the Nourishing Conditioner


Curly Ellie Christmas

5. Make sure not to brush your curls when they are dry, always try to brush whilst hair is wet and/or with conditioner in, this helps prevent frizz and breakage!

6. A great way to protect your curls (and stretch the time between wash days) is to use protective styles, such as French plaits or braids. Satin scrunchies, hats, bonnets and pillows are also a great way to protect curls, not just in the winter but all year round! Less friction means less frizz and less split ends, what’s not to love there?

7. Preparing and maintaining your curls is important but doesn’t have to be too much work! Hydrate your curls every night with our Leave In Conditioner, or use the Intense Treatment Mask as a leave in conditioner for extra moisture. During the day, if your curls feel dry, refresh them with some Detangling Spray. Pay extra attention to the ends and tips of your hair where the curls are driest.

CurlyEllie Detangling Spray

8. Finally, don’t forget to stay hydrated from the inside out, drink lots of water!


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