Tips for perfect curly hair while travelling.

Who loves travelling? I travel a lot for work and for pleasure and sometimes I end up staying at multiple hotels in a single trip. Packing is always stressful for me, especially  when you can only take a piece of carry-on luggage with you, so planning becomes even more difficult.

 I remember having my hair relaxed for many years and not having to pack anything special for my hair (well except hair straighteners). I was happy to use the 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioners regular hotels provide and my hair would just OK. Sometimes, Easy to detangle, shiny, ready to go and other times it was pretty pitiful.

Well, after my mini chop and transitioning to natural hair for around 2 years my first hotel shampoo experience was noticeably bad.. With little to no space to pack my (already wide collection of) full sized products in a carry-on but also battling the 100ml per item liquid limit on planes I had to just take a leap of faith and go with whichever hair care products the hotel was offering.

I have to say that wasn’t one of the smartest choices from me (sigh). 😅

After the - not so curly hair friendly - 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner (I can testify I have only seen it working for my brothers’ and dad’s short hair) I was left with a tangly mess on my head and my long suffering and amazing boyfriend was sent to the closest supermarket to help me ease the predicament my hair now find itself.

Years after and many better experiences later I have learned to pack smart. Many supermarkets and local beauty supply store like WholeFoods Supermarket, now offer small transparent liquid bottles where you can pour your favourite products, ready to fly with you to exotic destinations or weekend getaways. Just pick your oil, your butters, your gels and know that wash day will be a success.

For an even more seamless experience CurlyEllie also offers an on the go hair care line.

The CurlyEllie Mini Works includes all you need to keep your tresses perfectly defined on the go. It contains all of the below just in a mini size:


* Gentle Shampoo - 50ml

* Nourishing Conditioner - 50ml

* Leave-In Conditioner - 50ml

* Intensive Treatment Mask - 50ml

* Detangling Spray  - 125ml

* Styling Serum - 125ml


When flying I personally pack a 50ml container with a small quantity of the styling serum (for when I need that added definition and hold) and then pack the mini Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner.

For the detangling spray my advice is to get a transparent 50ml empty spray bottle and fill it half the way through so you can mix it with water when refreshing your hair in the morning or carry an empty bottle and mix water with the Leave-In Conditioner. This way you know your hair will look amazing in all your holiday pictures.


Just get your minis ready with your makeup, perfume and creams and start picking your outfits!


 Now... all i need to worry about is getting that Instagram worthy shot, with a little help from the other half.







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