The Princess Trust Gets CurlyEllie Curls

Over the years, we have encouraged strong and healthy hair by using ingredients given to us by nature. One of the main benefits is that your hair grows longer over time leaving you with hair that is not too far off from Rapunzel - This is what happened to Ruby.

Read her CurlyEllie hair journey here to see Emma and Ruby's personal Curly Hair journey, navigating life, curls and friendships.

Instead of keeping her amazing curls to herself, read below to see what Ruby did next.

Long Curly Hair
I remember meeting the fabulous Ruby many years ago in Giffnock in Scotland at WholeFoods Supermarket. Not only did Ruby have an infectious laugh, she charmed strangers with her love of her curls and CurlyEllie routine. Several years followed and I watched her grow on Instagram seeing her play in the sun and the snow, all the while watching as her CurlyEllie curls grew with her.
Did you know that although there are more people in the planet with curls, curly haired wigs are usually very difficult to source. Imagine a curly child going through a horrible time and loosing their hair, only to be given a straight hair wig which looks nothing like the hair that the child had in the past. It must be devastating to also loose your hair identity.

That is why we are so proud and pleased that Ruby had her curls cut and donated to the Princess Trust - a UK Charity set up to provide thousands of real hair wigs to sick children and young people, aged up to 24 years across the UK and Ireland. 

Princess Trust Hair


Princess Trust Hair

Now a little girl will have a real hair wig that has been lovingly cared for over many years with CurlyEllie and she will also be able to rock her curls with pride - keeping as many aspects of who she was before the illness.

What an amazing and inspirational thing for someone so young to do and we here at CurlyEllie are so very proud of her.

Princess Trust Wig Princess Trust

Next time you're at the hairdressers, wanting a change, why not consider this amazing cause as an option for your length? We definitely will remember Ruby, the people her CurlyEllie curls will help, and how fabulous she looks with her gorgeous new hair! What a way to start 2022!


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