SpoOooOoky 2020 - A Halloween we will never forget

Halloween 2020 will definitely be a Halloween like no other, and likely one we won’t forget any time soon.

So, with parties and trick or treating out the window, it’s time to get a bit creative.

Here are a few fun ideas to keep this weekend super exciting:

A Pumpkin Carving Competition

Why not add some friendly competition into pumpkin carving with a fun little prize?

Spooky Garden Candy Hunt

Instead of trick or treating, hide some sweets around the garden (or house) and let the little ones loose.

Face Painting and a movie

Something fun the whole family can do together!

Now, here at CurlyEllie, cannot claim to be expert pumpkin carvers and we certainly cannot judge your pumpkin carving abilities… but what we can do, is help you have gorgeous hair to go along with you spookylicious Halloween outfit.

Now for some simple and fun costume ideas!

Our new black scrunchies are the perfect spooky accessory for any costume (or pumpkin carving adventure).

Simply pop your hair up into two buns to make some ears, and you can be a scary cat or a spooky bat! Everyone knows any good Halloween costume needs to start with great hair.

For this super simple CurlyEllie Cat look (Fine, damaged hair with some frizz):

  • Wash with Gentle Shampoo
  • Mix Nourishing Conditioner and Intensive Hair Mask together (for extra moisture) and leave on for 5 minutes.
  • Use the Mask as a leave-in for heat protection, but if scrunching and air drying you can use the Curl Defining Leave-In Conditioner.
  • Generous amount of Lasting Hold Styling Serum, for the frizz and to help hold the curls.
  • Diffused upside down from wet.
  • Put hair in 2 buns with the new black scrunchies.
  • Add some webs and spiders for extra spook factor.


Satin scrunchies are great and super gentle on your hair, they help with frizz, the dreaded pony tail headache and don’t leave those annoying bumps in your hair. Plus, they’re easy to clean, so no worries if you get any face paint on them!

Send us your SpoOOoOky Halloween plans and costumes!



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