What is wrong with my regular hair towel ?

Smugly, you have put a lot of love and heart into your hair care routine using the CurlyEllie Gentle Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner and now it is time to dry and style your hair.

We already know that heat can be damaging to your curls, so we tend to stay away from it but what about our towels? The worst thing you can do now is grab your regular towel to dry your hair and here is why! (I will try and keep it brief, but prepare to be surprised)

  • We know our curls love moisture, but what we may not know is using a regular towel sucks out all the moisture sometimes leaving the hair dry. 
  • The rough texture of a regular towel, whilst great for drying the skin, can cause damage to the hair due to excess friction. Although the towel will not cause split ends, they can worsen them and, in some instance, cause the hair to break.
  • Lastly regular towel can leave your hair frizzy and break up your curls.


So, what should I be using?

Hair Towel

 You may have heard of microfiber towels and yes! They are great for your hair. Microfiber towels are very soft to the touch and the feeling alone is a world away from your regular towel. It is this texture that minimizes friction, meaning that you will not find yourself accidentally damaging and some what undoing the love you have already put into your hair.


Pros of a microfiber towel

  • Less friction means less frizz
  • Due to the nature of the fibers that make up the towel, a microfiber towel will dry your hair in a fraction of the time
  • Microfiber towels leave enough moisture for meaning you will get the best out of your styling products
  • The best part is microfiber towels can outlive your regular towel and tumble drying your towel is great for the fibers


But with every pro, there must be a con. The microfiber towel has no cons when it comes to drying your hair however, microfiber towels do not react well with fabric softeners. It is worth washing your towel separately to other garments without using a conditioner.

If washing with cotton garments, pieces of lint from the other cottons in the washing machine would cling onto the fabric. 

Having tried the microfiber towel myself on my curls and on my children’s curls, I have seen a difference and I am not just saying that. The towel is resistant to snags and its nice having a dedicated ultra-soft hair towel.

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