Who did you get your curls from?

It's the little, precious moments we spend with our parents, or parental figures, that leave a lasting imprint in our memories.

Have you ever experienced a time when you and your parent(s) created that special time to bond?

Well.. I have.

As a child, I can vividly recall many moments spent with my mum while she spent time brushing, styling, cutting, colouring and just gently detangling my hair.

My mum was never short of ideas or suggestions and embraced every crazy idea that jumped into my mind - whichever cut, style and colour I liked. She didn’t even flinch when I suggested a crazy fringe or break a beat when I asked her to chop off my long, beautiful brunette hair and turn it into a short blonde bob. Those where special memories that I continue to treasure.

As me and my hair grew so did our friendship, we created our own little gossip bubble where we spoke about school, work and just life in general (now that I’m older with a little glass of wine on the side😊)

In that short space of time when she was colouring, cutting and trimming it meant so much to just have that special time with my best friend. I even preferred it over going out with friends because I could speak my mind without fear of being judged (and I knew I was getting a free cut and blow-dry 😊)

But the most important thing is that she did it purely out of love, she took the time out of her day when she could be doing a paying client, to do my hair because she loves me. And that is why I will appreciate my mum and make every moment count when we are together, in our own little gossip bubble 😊.


And it’s so nice to hear that you have stories too!

“Martha has started say ‘Mummy’s hair’ when I do her hair and we sit and brush/comb each other’s together”

Even if they’re perhaps a little traumatic!

“Replaying that ‘special’ moment before school this morning… 5yr old shouting ow ow as I gently run my fingers through her hair with spray and leave in conditioner. 2yr old then copies her older sister even though she has 3 inches of hair and no knots! Not the angle the blog is after – but remember the same thing happening to me before school with a tonne of no more tears detangler haha”

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