No Tears at Hair Time in my house

I am one of a lucky few… I come from a long line of curly haired women. My mum had curls, my aunts have curls and my sister has curls.  I should know how to manage my curls right?
But my hair has been unmanageable for as long as I could remember. Combs did not go through my hair easily and brushes made it frizzy…
It was stressful, trying to work out what to do with my hair as I was growing up. Swimming classes were the worst. Hair up, hair down. If hair got wet, what do I do?


  • Louise

    Hello, just wondering whether the detangling spray builds up? I currently wash y 4 yo’s hair about once a month, would I need to wash it more often if I was using the spray every day? Thank you.

  • Mehak

    Hello! I wanted to check if this can be used on 3 year olds. I have a neice that age and she has beautiful curls, we intend to nourish her hair and start her CG journey as soon as possible.

  • CurlyEllie

    I am so pleased you found us – CurlyEllie is all about a “tear free” and easy hair experince. Your son should be fine.

  • Shaikhah

    Im just wondering If the shampoo got into my son’s eyes, will it burn and cause itchiness?

  • Minu Thomson

    Thank you so much dear as you understand how it feels to have curly hair and agonies.. I heard good reviews from my friends..and iam about to order now..😀

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