Catch flights, not frizz!

There’s no need to forgo you hair routine on you holiday, or a weekend away! Moisturising your hair should be an essential part of your daily routine both at home and away. Your hair can easily get dry as a result of environmental factors such as the harsh effects of the weather and pollution, including the change in climate when we go somewhere colder or hotter! Plus, the change in water hardness!

Whist on holiday, our hair goes through so many abuses throughout the day, sea, pool, sun, snow and more frequent styling.

We’ve only gone and made travelling a whole lot easier! We now have 2 options, we have both 50ml Travel Sizes and our brand new Eco Pouches!

The perfect sun combo, when you're in the pool and need to wash yours and your family's curls more often, and some hair mask to protect the curls in the sun!
Perfect for a longer holiday or a larger family!
Mix and Match sizes and bring more of what you need more of!

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