Why Does My Hair Not Absorb Products Well

Simply, put, porosity refers to your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. If the cuticles of your hair are tight, moisture will find it difficult to penetrate your hair. If your cuticles are open, hair absorbs moisture more.

Cuticle layers are typically raised and do not tend to lay flat on curly hair. Because of this unique property, it tends to shine less than straight hair and not feel as smooth,

In addition, because of the uneven cuticles, it also allows moisture to escape more easily, leaving your curly hair prone to dryness.

Low porosity hair is hydrophobic - it repels water from its surface. 

It does not readily allow water in, even when immersed in water, nor does it readily lose the water that is contained within the hair.

Do I have it? If you can answer yes, the answer is probably YES

  • The Detangling Spray and Leave-In Conditioner seem to sit on top of your low porosity hair instead of penetrating it.
  • Water beads up on hair when you saturate it.
  • Your hair dries quickly when out in the sun or out in windy weather.
  • Your hair dries out quickly with lots of swimming or high-heat styling or after chemical bleaching.
  • Your hair may be more resistant to hair dye and other chemicals.

10 Top Tips to Best to Look After Your Low Porosity Hair

  1. Regular Cleaning : Shampoo more, 2 to 3 times a week to prevent product build up because your hair does not readily lose water or products that have been absorbed into your hair.
  2. Don’t Shy From Heat : When conditioning hair don’t shy away from heat, ideally use a heat cap. This will help the products better absorb into your hair. Using heat can also double the amount of conditioner that binds to your hair and improves product distribution
  3. Use Steam: Steam combines the fab effects of heat and adds moisture in the form of water vapor. It also provides the optimal environment for  softening and conditioning. If you don’t have a hair steamer, you can also use a face steamer or sit in a steamy room (Hint : Run a hot shower for a few minutes before going into it to create a steamy room).
  4. Intensive Conditioning with the Hair Mask is crucial, but try to use it as a steam treatment or leave overnight to give the Mask time to really be absorbed into your hair to get an intense burst of softness, Detangling and hydration
  5. Apply products to damp hair or dripping wet hair, especially the Leave-In Conditioner.
  6. Do not expose your hair to numerous faults at the same time; e.g permanent hair colour + high heat styling; lots of summer sun + swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water, without first saturating it with the Detangling Spray.
  7. Make sure you always distribute products evenly throughout your hair ensuring you don’t put too much on at any time.
  8. Try to avoid hard water - Hard water pronounces the characteristics of your low porosity hair and makes your hair less likely to tolerate oils and conditioners.
  9. If your hair is on the thinner side, you may have to skip the leave in conditioner entirely, using it only once every other day but use the Serum instead each day to provide the moisture it needs.
  10. If your hair is on the thicker side, it may also need help with softness and flexibility, which you can get from the Leave-In conditioner.


The CurlyEllie Bit

Half of my family have low porosity hair. At first it may seem like a difficult type of hair to maintain and style but once you know what you have, and you adapt your routine, it suddenly becomes one of the easiest hairs to style and keep looking fabulous.

The good news is that this type of hair does not need a lot of help, it simply needs gentle handling and understanding.

How to help your Low Porosity Hair

  • Use the detangling spray everyday to give your hair a daily dose of hydration for lasting hydration all day.
  • Use all products when your hair is dripping wet and gently tap the top of your hair with our Curl Towel, leaving all the moisture within your hair.
  • Avoid high-heat styling tools.
  • Avoid peroxide hair dyes and where possible, stick to natural plant dyes to colour your hair
  • Protect your hair at night - Wear a satin scrunchie or bonnet to reduce friction and create a little humid environment around your hair.
  • Don't let your hair dry out - try sometimes wearing a hat or scarf over your hair.
  • Try using a steamer to provide moisture.


Don’t forget -  more Serum and less Leave-In Conditioner, and certainly NO oils, unless in small doses that you use before washing and conditioning. 

Dont forget to rinse out the oils .

Low porosity hair needs moisture and you don't drink oil when you're thirsty!!


Read more tips, tricks and information to help you on your health hair journey HERE

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