My child has sensitive skin and a delicate scalp, what should I look out for when buying new products?

Having a child with sensitive skin and delicate scalp used to be challenging, as I discovered 8 years ago when my son was first diagnosed with severe allergies whilst still only a baby. Thankfully, with increased knowledge and awareness, finding products to minimise skin conditions and reduce reactions in your child is no longer the minefield it use to be.


The key to making product choices is to first understand the causes of the sensitivity and carefully source products to minimise the condition and reactions. Sensitivity is personal. Your child might be sensitive to ingredients in some products e.g dairy, wheat which another child might be perfectly fine with.

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Expect a lot of trial and error to find the perfect product. Don’t forget to patch test all products before you buy. This can minimise skin irritation and cost because many stores now have testers and samples on shelves that you can test or take away before committing to a purchase.


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