Ireland Welcomes CurlyEllie!

We are so excited to announce that CurlyEllie has partnered with its first Irish stockist!

I am so humbled that Evergreen Healthfoods, in Galway, has chosen CurlyEllie to add to its amazing offerings and we are now able to offer our range in Ireland.

CurlyEllie is available in store at all of their 8 stores in Galway. CurlyEllie is also available for delivery from their website to all of Ireland.

For 30 years, Evergreen Healthfoods has been at the forefront of natural health & wellness in Ireland, with each product in their range hand-selected for quality.

A family-run, Irish business founded by Kieran & Aideen Hurley, they have 8 stores in Galway and proudly serve the whole of Ireland though their online store.

CurlyEllie's kind and gentle, custom crafted, high quality and unique hair products are designed specifically for sensitive, curly, kinky, wavy and frizzy hair to moisturise, hydrate, detangle, define and shine your curls.

Thank you for all your support that made this a reality.

Learn more about our range and the key ingredients that make CurlyEllie so unique.

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