Hair story : CurlyEllie brings natural curls to life

It is always humbling to get feedback on our CurlyEllie brand from families. I feel very privileged to have met some great families like the Skinner's who have been a massive advocate for CurlyEllie since we launched in April this year.

In this blog, Lola's friend Kat, shares her curly hair story. Many of us will completely relate to the story especially if your hair type is different from your child's curly hair.

Please read the full story on Lola's blog - Pictures say a thousand words. Thank you Lola and Kat for sharing your story. I am sure it will be an inspiration to many mums struggling with hair time.

Kat’s story: Full story on the blog 

A mixture of Indian and Carribean; my daughter Annaliese has absolutely beautiful hair. 
When she was a baby her hair was straight and easy to manage and then she started to have curls. But beautiful curly hair soon started to become my worst nightmare. As Annaliese got older and very reluctant to getting her hair done; curly long hair was fast becoming too much for me to handle and I dreaded having to do her hair everyday.
I have always been told that “hair is a girls beauty”. But why did I not feel like that for my Annaliese? Every girl should feel beautiful and confident with their hair, right? Right.
I had no idea what products to use, so I bought some hair products from the black hair shop.  They didn’t work well with her hair and they also stripped my nail polish off, yikes!
I was seriously contemplating using a chemical relaxer to straighten her hair and make it more manageable.
So…during my turmoil, I had a conversation with my friend who advised me not to go down that road.
She later introduced me to Lola and we took a trip to her house for a hair tutorial using CurlyEllie products.
Full story on Lola's blog 

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