Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is common as your hair gets longer and your hair ages but how can you tell if your breakage is not natural and is actually bad for your hair and doing more damage than good ?

Naturally, if you give your hair constant care and attention with regular conditioning, hair mask and some leave in conditioner for protection, you should see relative low levels of hair breakage.

But with a busy lifestyle, constant styling and environmental pollution, it is rarely the case that you will not see any hair breakage the longer your hair gets.

What are the major causes of hair breakage ?

The five usual culprits are below

1. Over manipulation your hair with brushes, hot irons, high tension hair styles that in the worst cases leads to traction Alopeica.

 A messy braid, pineapple hair style etc is ideal for simpler wash and go styles because it helps by limiting your hairs exposure to the sun. Tight hairstyles can be damaging because they tend to pull and tear hair and sometimes leads to traction alopecia. Grab one of our scrunchies and tie it loosely.

Try to avoid long periods of tugging, pulling, stying and brushing. Sometimes, it is nice to just leave your hair without pulling, tugging, tensing and brushing.

2.  Lack of moisture which tends to result in could lead very dry hair and scalp. this in turn weakens your hair follicles leaking to damage and breakage. This is not the time to skimp on your leave in conditioner and detangling spray

3.  Lack of Protein in your hair

Generally, you will notice that short hair is stronger due to the fact that it is newly produced and packed with proteins. As your hair gets longer, make sure you don't skimp on the leave in conditioner and detangling that is packed with Quinoa protein to give your hair strength and protect against breakage.

4. Stress is one of the leading causes for hair problems. Internally hormonal imbalances could influence hair growth and externally we just tend to put meddle with our hair whenever in stress.

5. Illness

Sometimes, hair breakage is caused by illness or can sometime be a side effect of tablets you are taking. speak with your doctor and get medical advice if you are noticing a suddenly large anoint of hair breakage.

How can you tell you are suffering from hair breakage 

Test for Hair Breakage

  1. Pull your hair up into a loose pony tail using our gentle satin scrunches and then gently lift up the short hair around your hair line
  2. If they sit close to your hair line, it is likely to be baby hair but if they are they longer and sit close to your pony tail, it is likely indication of hair damage.
  3. Can you see any split ends ?
  4. Is your hair chemically treated (permed, colored, relaxed)?
  5. Are the ends finer than the rest of your hair ? Do you notice the ends being drier and more brittle?

If you answer yes to 4, you more than likely experiencing broken hair

You now need to see if it limited to just an isolated area or more wide spread covering the full head.

Either way, trim your ends every 6 weeks and condition your hair with rich oils like our CurlyEllie Intense Hair Oil. These two things will help with breakage no matter what the cause is. See below for 6 practical steps you can take.

Can Hair Breakage Be Fixed ?

If it is an isolated area, it means your hair is just dry and brittle and regularly washing and conditioning, paying special attention to that area should be ok unless it has started to split - see section on split

If it is all over,  your hair is breaking off because it's damaged which means brining out the big guns.

My hair suffered from broken hair from years after years of braiding, plaiting, pulling, constant manipuation and over styling my hair.

It look several months for my damaged hair to grown back because once your hair is damaged, there is not much you can do to it since hair is dead.

But on a positive note.. here are some 6 practical things you can do to ensure your new hair does not break and your current hair stay healthy and not prone to breakage.

  • Diet

Make sure your food consumption consists of a good balanced diet - don't forget lots of proteins, vegetables and vitamins .

  • Overnight Oil Treatment
    • Massage your hair with our special blend of oils  from our Intense collection.
    • Massage into your deeply into your hair roots for about 5 - 10 minutes,
    • Keep it overnight and wash it the next day with our shampoo and nourishing conditioner.
    • Try doing this twice a week.
  • Regular washing, conditioning and using the leave in conditioner and detangling spray.
  • Make sure your hair is always introduced regularly to water with our detanging spray and coat you hair in the leave in conditioner so it created a protective layer and your precious locks stay moisturised and healthy. Remember...  dry hair makes your hair prone and susceptible to being  brittle, snapping or splitting.
  • Use satin scrunchies tied loosely to sleep and invest in a satin pillowcase if possible.
  • Rememberer to take care of the new hair and regularly, wash, condition and use the hair mask so that your hair is stronger, healthier and protected for any further damage or deterioration.


Special note on split ends 

If you have split ends - it will not grow back together. You can make it look better but you are better of getting the split ends cut off and wait for your healthier, stronger hair to emerge.



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