Hair advice - How best to look after curly hair on holiday.

Moisturising your hair should be an essential part of your daily routine both at home and away. The main reason behind daily moisturising your hair is that your hair can easily get dry as a result of environmental factors such as the harsh effects of the weather and pollution.

Whist on holiday, our hair goes through so many abuses throughout the day, sea, pool and more frequent styling. Therefore, moisturising with our detangling spray and sealing in the moisture to protect your hair with our Curl Defining Conditioner should be an integral part of your hair care holiday routine.

In hot sunny climates, you may notice that your hair turns drier and loses moisture at a faster rate than when at home. The sun dries out the hair and shows no mercy. All your hard work hydrating, moisturising can suddenly all come undone.On holiday, for their moisturising and hydrating benefits,  I would always recommend taking our CurlyEllie Curl Defining Conditioner and CurlyEllie Moisturising Detangling spray as your travel companion.

There are many ways you can protect your hair such as

  1. Using Sunscreens for hair.
  2. Using Shampoos specifically designed and developed to protect the hair from UV Rays.

However, by far the most successful method I found to protect my families hair is with scarfs or hats to minimise the sun’s impact with our hair. However, the choice of hat is very important. It should be a lose hat that is not tights against the head.

Excessive exposure to Sunlight can be damaging to your hair and skin. Ensure that the heat from the sun which can cause your hair to dry out is minimised by using a moisturising hair Spray. Do not spray your roots but keep the moisture on the hair so that your hair is not weighed down and stays holiday ready.

For protecting your hair from UV rays, I recommend covering your hair at peak hours and wearing your hair in a bun.

Swimming or the beach ? My helpful tips for protecting the hair and avoiding the knotted matted result of swimming is simple. Always wet your hair before you go in the pool using a detangling spray. Wet and damp hair does not soak in as much chemicals as dry hair would do.

Condition your hair with a leave in conditioner before swimming so that your hair has a barrier of protection and after swimming you are left with soft and very manageable hair.

I have realised that the best way to know what works with an individual's hair is experimentation and research. Always remember to read about a particular product, its reviews and ingredients it.

Generally, the products that work for me and my brood have been the ones that are natural, do not contain a lot of chemicals and are free from parabens and silicones.

Whilst on holiday, give your hair constant nourishment and hydration. Don’t be tempted to skip through it.

 Also remember to eat a well and balanced diet and drink lots of liquids.



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