EUREKA MOMENTS - When is it time to Embrace Your Curls

EUREKA MOMENTS - On Instagram, I recently posted a picture of me and and my bestie on a girly weekend to NYC before I even started trying to embrace my curls.

I was already many years into making @CurlyEllie for my daughter and I found it interesting that I hadn’t even started embracing my own natural curls. .

I worked for many years in the City and the idea of going natural was the furthest thing from my mind.. with kids, projects, clients, portfolios, deadlines and a wardrobe FULL of extensions, I did not have the time or the energy to devote to ME or my hair.

So... why did I start my natural hair journey ? It was not just one Eureka moment, but a combination of many Eureka moments.

PREGNANCY- I didn’t straighten my hair and left my hair as nature intended. I wanted to be as natural as possible because of all the scary pregnancy tales. I wanted to be able to carry them to term knowing I did the best I could by eliminating toxins, processed foods, sugar and dabbling in Hypnobirthing- Eureka Moment 1️⃣

Once, while hot straightening my hair, my son Aidan said - “mummy, can I have flat hair too”. I admit, the first time I found it funny and even let him have a go at the straightener. When he asked again, I said “No Aidan, your hair is amazing “. Then he asked me why it was ok for me to straighten mine and not ok for him to do the same (smarty pants )- that was Eureka moment 2️⃣

Ellie’s Hair happened!! Then came the hospital skin prick tests, allergy results and bad hair mornings - Eureka moment 3️⃣ .

I started my natural hair journey because of my Eureka moments. These are only some of my Eureka moments. Plenty more followed.

I call it a  Curly Hair "Journey" because I am still learning, and after chemically straightening my hair since I was 10 years old, I really had no idea where to start or how to look after my own hair.

It’s seems crazy now that I found it easier to look after my hair when it was not in its natural state.

As I learn, I will keep passing my tips to you & hopefully we crack this journey together. 

SHARE your Eureka moments with me and tag #CurlyEllieEureka . .

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