Dont Fight the Frizz - Embrace it

Frizzy hair is not always a great or welcomed looked for some one us.!! In fact, many of us want flyways to be Away!.. but for some, including me, frizz actually gives our curls more volume, character and looks amazing.

I am one that likes a bit of frizz and I welcome my curls on day 2 , when it has been shaken, moved around and disturbed.

You may notice that there is some frizz after using our Leave In Conditioner for some curl types - this is absolutely normal and expected

Dont fight the Frizz

You may notice a bit of frizz here and there, that one clump or curl or a section of your hair that just won’t play ball - everything you have tried just doesn’t help wave goodbye to the frizz in that section of your hair.

If you are not yet ready to embrace some frizz or the fizz is more than you would like for your fab curly look, here’s a few tips we’ve put together to help

  • START AGAIN - Try a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up if you have not regularly been washing your hair. Or Double Shampoo
  • CHECK YOUR WATER - Water is always going to be a major part of your healthy hair care regime. If you live in an area with hard water, you may want to switch to using soft water for washing and styling. This is because hard water has high mineral contents which may not always be kind to your curls. 
  • TEMPERATURE -  Instead of very hot or very cold water, try rinsing with lukewarm water. Don be tempted to swithc on the dial of your shower to HOT with  high water pressure. Your curls are gentle and need to be treated gently..
  • REGULAR CONDITIONING –  Dont be tempted to slap on the Nourishing Conditioner on your hair and then simply rinse it out. Work the conditioner into your hair when your hair is very wet. Make sure all the strands are coated, leave it for a few minutes before detangling as you rinse it off,
  • Try using your styling products on wet hair rather than damp hair.
  • When your hair is 90% dry, run some of the Serum on your palms and through your hair, paying attention to areas that are prone to frizz.

Otherwise, embrace it and love it  and rock it - just as nature untended,


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