Does the Pineapple Method of Protecting Curly Hair Really Work ?

The quick answer is YES.. and NO (See disclaimers at the bottom),

What you do at night to your hair determines to a large extent, how you find your curls in morning - dry, easy to style, hard to style, moisturised etc..

Protecting your curls is  even more important at night time when you toss, turn or rub your hair against cotton sheets or pillows.

It is worth taking the extra care and attention to starve off the dreaded bed hai is the morning.

When it come to curls, you  always have to remember that you cant do the same things with your curls as you would if your hair was straight, 

There are many ways to protect your curls at night and this is dedicated the "pineapple", which is one of easiest but not always the best methods.

The “pineapple bun” is a way of protecting your curls when you  sleep.

  • To do this, simply put your hair in a really high pony tail on top of your head, securing it with a sating bow or scrunchie.
  • Make sure the pony tail is high enough so that the back of your head does not squash your curls.

In the morning, take your pineapple down and just shake out your hair. Then refresh your hair with the Detangling Spray and a tiny bit of the Serum for shine, and you’re good to go.

You will find that you will have beautiful curls the next day  and the days after, without needing to to re-wash or re-condition your curls..



Disclaimers :

This works better for medium to long hair

For longer hair, you many want to consider using 2  satin bows.

The back and sides of your hair wont be protected


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