Do your curls feel flat on day 2 or Day 3 - Some suggestions to get them back

Refreshing Your Curls on Day 2 and Day 3

Even the healthiest curls can look lacklustre after a night’s deep sleep.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that day 2 and 3 hair requires a little extra love to look and feel fresh and healthy.

Depending on the condition of your hair and your curl type, the best strategy to refresh your locks can vary.

We’ve sourced some tips from our curly community to help you banish the dreaded morning frizz.

1. Use your Stylers


CurlyEllie Leave In Conditoner


A great tip from Sue is to mix the CurlyEllie Curly Defining Leave-in Conditioner in a separate spray bottle with some water. Spritz enough of the mixture through your curls to get them damp, but not saturated. Gently scrunch the hair and let it dry naturally before fluffing to reveal fresh and glossy curls!


2.For day 2 and 3 hair another great insider tip is to wear a  Hair Scrunchie to bed.

CurlyEllie Hair Scrunchie

Covering your hair is a great strategy to avoid the frizz that comes from tossing and turning at night. The Evils of cotton rubbing on curls cannot be underestimated. The scrunchie will keep you hair up and away, thereby reducing breakage. This will keep your curls in shape and halve your morning routine!




CurlyEllie Styling Products

3. Liz loves the CurlyEllie detangling spray for getting day 2 hair in good condition.

  • Spray the detangler through the length of the hair, scrunch the curls and leave them to dry.
  • Follow up with the serum for extra shine and definition

4 For day 3 hair, or curls that look matted and dry, wet the hair completely and put wash day products in section by section.

 @Jess_c78 and @bethanyfoston use a bit of water to dampen, then the CurlyEllie Detangling Spray , finger comb, brush or comb through with our Curl Comb and then follow up with the CurlyEllie Leave In Conditoner.


Finally, Ellie’s revitalising routine :

1. Firstly, spray the detangling spray generously through the hair from root to tip. Remember, the thicker the curls, the more spray will be needed. You need enough to get your curls back to their own natural shape and definition. If your hair is thin, dilute to make it less concentrated. You may vene have to start with water depending on how full your hair is.


2. Next, use your fingers to brush through the hair to separate and define curls.

Option : you can use a hair brush to get any tangles out of the hair but the fingers or a with tooth comb work best for me.


3. Finally, lock in the moisture and curls with the Curly Ellie Curl Defining Leave-In Conditioner. Squirt a small amount into your hands and rub them together, before brushing through the hair again with your fingers. Allow your hair to dry naturally, and look forward to fresh and healthy looking curls!

4. I love to add a bit of the Styling Serum at the end to just give it a little bit more shine and extra ommph to keep the frizz at Bay.


For all day 2 and 3 hair strategies, it is important to remember that different curl types require different amounts of product. Fine hair will not need as much as thicker locks!

Here is a link to a fab post with many more suggestions on how to get more volume in your curls the CurlyEllie way.

Any top tips we’re missing? Get in touch and share your own curl refreshing ideas!

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