CurlyEllie Intense Summer Curl Tips 2024

 A little collection of our favorite Intense summer tips for gorgeous, nourished and frizz-free curls! It's your summer!

Hydrating Shampoo

  • Lathering shampoo is a sign that your hair and scalp is clean! If the shampoo isn’t lathering then simply shampoo once more to get that lather!

Indulgent Conditioner

  • Contains Quinoa, which is great for colour retention if you have dyed hair! 

Leave In Conditioner

  • If your hair is feeling dry, pop this on when your hair is soaking wet as this will help with breakage and help the moisture be absorbed!

Radiance and Brightening Oil

  • Our oil is great to use as a pre-poo treatment, to aid a healthy scalp! You can use it overnight or simply leave it in for an hour. For extra penetration you can add some steam or heat!

Natural Hold Gel

  • Our Natural Hold Gel seals split ends to provide long-lasting, perceivable repair.

Strong Hold Gel

  • Our Gels are both buildable, so if you use enough of the Strong Hold Gel you can get a cast for the perfect juicy curls! You can also scrunch out the crunch, using our Radiance oil, for extra shine!             

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