Curly Hair is making a COME BACK!

Recently, both on and off catwalk runway, there has been a barrage of celebs sporting naturally curly hair from Kyle to Justin Timberland, the yummy John Legend and the beautiful Caroline Issa (using CurlyEllie). It is very evident. Try typing "Curly Hair comeback" into google, and you will see a barrage of blogs, articles and discussions on the rise of natural curls.

From the Independent - "The comeback curl: this season its all about carefee curls" to others like the Daily Mail, there is now a recognition that blow drying your hair straight everyday is now a thing of the past.

To borrow a phrase from the Independents article. - " 

"Having curly hair doesn’t always feel like a blessing but despite the recent spate for super sleek, straight locks a celebration of swirly tresses is firmly back in sight. Those of us with limp, lifeless strands envy the sheer volume that comes with a curl but for natural bearers having a good curly hair day is harder than it looks. Faultless execution lies in the confidence of corkscrew hair’s bold and bouncy formation and that’s exactly why it found itself thrust into runway fame."

Just look around you on your daily grind, on your morning and evening commutes, on the beach and just about everywhere, You will start to notice that more and more people are starting to wear their curls naturally and proud.

When I started to notice this, I was shocked to see how many boys and men are also happily embracing their curls... I am so happy!!


Lets keep the revival going!


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