Curly Hair Facts : 10 Reasons Your Curls Change

You have invested in CurlyEllie and you are now seeing dividends.

Your curls are healthy and easy to style and it is getting longer....

but suddenly, you notice that your curls and no longer bouncy, full and defined.

Its dropping and you dont know how you can bring back your previous curls.

Help is at hand.

First you need to find out why your curls have changed. These are the main reasons

1. Heat, Excessive Styling and Colour Damage

If you have been tempted to reach our for your curlers or hot irons now that your hair is longer and looking in its best condition, this could be the culprit.

Curly Hair Heat Damage

In addition, heat, colouring, constant plaiting and braiding etc dont always help your curls because curly hair is one of the most delicate curl types. It does not take much to destroy all thehard work that you have invested in your curls

It could be that, in lock down, you have constantly left your hair in a lazy tight pony tail that has stretched your curls, which in turn change your curl pattern.

How to make it better

Curl Stretching is the easiest one to remedy - Curls have a memory and all it takes is regular washing and conditioning - and of course... dump the hair band for a while.

For damage, you have to manage your expectations. Depending on the severity, your curls may never look the same.

What you can do, is regular moisturising with the Leave-In Conditoner and regular conditioning with the Nourishing Conditioner.


2. Hormones

Hormonal Hair Changes

If you are like me, the monthly hormonal knock on the door causes havoc on my skin, hair and mood.

This also extends to your hair and usually causes changes to your curls.

The changes are more pronounced in puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

If you read our blog on why your hair is curl  in Curl Types , you would remeber that the shape of your hair follicles determined the type of curls that you have.

As your body goes through these very big stages, a by product of the "changes" could result in a change to your hair follicles that then also change your curl pattern.


How to make it better

This is the time to indulge in the mask and hair serum for styling and keep mixing up your styling products.

On one day go with the Leave In Conditioner and on another go with the Detangling Spray or Serum.


3. Hair Growth

This is usually the most common culprit.


We all love our hair to grow longer, healthier and glossier but when your hair grows longer it also changes your curly hair.

if you have been reading and following our recommendation to grow your hair longer, when this is achieved your hair and curls become heavier.

This means that the roots of your hair has to support a heavier hair, the weight in turn stretches your curls and making them longer.

Over time, this changes your curl pattern as it become less curly and become more wavy.

It makes sense, the longer your hair is, the more of a burden the bottom of the shaft must carry until the hair strands.


How to make it better

Grab your favourite Curly Hair dresser and as for a trim with some layers, This will stop the weight pulling and stretching your curls..


Check back here for the remaining 7 - we enjoy updating our advice,



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