Autumn Hair Tips

Anyone else noticing your hair becoming a little duller, losing some of that summer shine, as if the grey, dreary weather wasn’t bad enough?!

Well, this is thankfully normal and caused by lack of moisture from the cooler air. The change in weather can often lead to a dry, itchy scalp, and as a result, sometimes dandruff.

Aloe Vera is a great natural way to help reduce dandruff and it also acts as a great moisturiser for scalp and hair.

Luckily, our whole range, excluding our Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Mask contains Aloe Vera!


We’ve put together a few Autumn Hair Tips to try out if your hair is feeling the effects of this cold climate.

  • There’s no better time for a trim!

Its been a scorcher this summer and your hair has been through the rings.Intense heat, dry hot weather and now the coldness from Autumn,

it’s definately a great idea to start the colder seasons off with a trim. All the sun (for the rest of the world, lucky you!) encourages hair to grow because of all the Vitamin D. A trim will also help you maintain that growth and snip away any pool damage!

  • Crack out the conditioners!

Our Nourishing Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner and our Intensive Treatment Mask are all fab moisturising tools to incorporate into your routines!

  • Mask up!

A regular 10-15 minute Intensive Treatment Mask session will work wonders for moisture craving hair! Extra points if you cover it with a shower cap or something similar, this helps the heat from you head let your hair absorb as much moisture as possible!

Not everyone has the time though, so we’ve got a tip for you busy lot too! Simply use the mask as a leave-in conditioner or sleep in it over night!

  • Cut down on the heat tools where possible!

Heat tools are drying, like the cold, ironically. However, if you are going to use them, don’t forget to use heat protection. Our Intensive Treatment Mask contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil, which is a natural heat protector! Or if oils are more of your thing, the CurlyEllie Intense Protection and Radiance Brightening Oil is also a another fabulous heat protector! 

  • Don’t skimp on the Leave-In.

Make sure to add some Leave-In Conditioner and or Detangling Spray after washing, and for your refresh, to give your curls that moisturising boost!

  • Time to cover your hair with extra protection with our Hair Gel.

Luckily there are 2 to choose from, each with its own awesome benefits that introduce another layer of protection for your curls as you head out into the new weather.

If you like some Quinoa protein in your gel for that extra oomph, head for Intense Gel and if you want a natural hold with fantastic protection, reach out for the Natural Hold Gel

Go forth and hydrate your curls!

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