A Customer Story - Reclaiming the Curls

"Every snowflake is unique every snowflake is special." ...Sounds like my daughters curls!

More and more, I feel it's important to make sure I teach my daughter to realise her own beauty and that of others. I feel that this applies both physically and emotionally. Learning to love ourselves - our lives and our looks. Everybody's different, everyone is special. 

This is a message I feel is so important to teach my girl - simply appreciate and be proud of what you've got. In every way. 

This extends to her hair  - Straight hair, wavy hair, thick hair, curly hair. We all have our own unique locks that should be celebrated!


Being a natural curly mum with a curly haired daughter, I always want Ruby to appreciate and love her curls. To know that her curls are her style and so beautiful !

I have had years of bleaching and straightening my curls and I am in the process of trying to 'get them back'.

My daughter wants to see mummy's curls, to see where she got them from after all!

It's funny because I look at her hair and think, "I wish I had that". Then I remind myself that I do. It's there. It just needs some TLC to get it back to its best! 

But My little girl : She's a curly haired, clever, funny and loving girl. With hair to match her personality! 

Although, her curls didn't actually make their appearance until she was around 2 years old! But apparently good thick curls take time. And they were definitely worth the wait!


At first I didn't know what to try and 'do' with them. And soon discovered they needed the right products to make them their best! My daughters first hair cut was when she was 4! And for her haircut I had to do a lot of research into hair stylists locally who were experienced in cutting curly hair. Because as I found out it's a totally different style of cutting depending on the curls.

We found a hairdresser that I'm happy with as is my girl. Same can be said in my quest for the perfect products. 

Also within her friendship group she is the only child with curls and I have heard her say "I wish I had hair like everyone else." -Everyone else? Why? "Because their hair is long and straight." - To which I always reply - don't you think everyone wants your curls? And love how they look? "Yes" is always the answer. 

And with that I always remind her that her curls are 'her'. And that everyone has their own beautiful hair and that's all that matters. 

I feel that showing her diversity is important- within the book characters we read and the television programmes we watch.

And now I'm seeing more characters with curls it's lovely. It's important. Not everyone has long straight blonde hair!

And as well, that people with curly hair can all have completely different curls! Tight curls, loose curls, my daughters becoming more and more obsessed with admiring other curl styles!


What I really found to be a great way of my daughter embracing and appreciating her curls was when we stumbled across curly Ellie. A brand that spoke to her and Products that made mummy's job ten times easier! The packaging was "cool and colourful", the name became our curly friend Ellie - Ellie who was making special potions and lotions to care for our curls.

Ellie was like a curly haired colourful superhero to my daughter. Finding a product so relatable and so amazing gives her a feeling of being special too. It's her special product for her, sent from a fellow curly girl.

Pure magic! And I couldn't be happier! 

 But my daughter loves her curls. I love her curls. And everyone comments on her hair. And have even had people in supermarket aisle reaching out to touch her curls! 

It's a wonderful feeling to see your child love their hair. Their appearance and their love filled life! And I do think it's important to make her feel as special as possible.

Every mummy I know does it. But when it comes to her curls now at age 4 going on 5, she's aware of how fabulous they are. And not in a bad way. In a lovely way. She styles herself and her hair! 


Her Curls are becoming so versatile now we have length too. There's bows and bunches, hairbands and braids! Experimenting with styles a so much easier to do when we have good product to back it up!

Thank goodness for the Curly Ellie Detangling spray when attempting pigtails and braids is all I can say! 


More than the products from curly Ellie - I love to see pictures from the curl community. And we have even made friends via contacting other mums on Instagram whose children have similar curls to my daughters! It's things like that that really make you appreciate that everyone is special - and it's special to find a product that leads you to a community of others who are all like curly haired snowflakes! 

She knows herself that her curls need love and care. And when we have the perfect products it makes it easy! I feel I as her mummy it's nice to have routine. She works well with routine. This is included in her hair care. And now she's even telling me! Reminding me "mama it's Sunday - hair mask night". Or on a swimming lesson day she packs her own bottle of Curly Ellie Detangling Spray and Leave-in Conditioner in her swim bag.

 Definitely feel that the curls make her feel secure. She has "her lucky curl". Which is the little one that hangs at her forehead. It's a comfort curl really. 

She has ringlets and waves and bouncy spirals. All in the same head! She loves each and every curl. They're all different and they're all unique! Just like Snowflakes! That's a phrase we love to say. It's a perfect way to sum up how we feel about curly curls! And remind ourselves to appreciate everyone's differences and love them. 


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