Starting a Hair Care Regime (How To Avoid Hair Horrors!)

So…. where do you start in creating a regime that works for each individual child?

How do you fix damaged curly hair or just curly hair in need of some TLC?

This is based on my experience and it works for my children.


The key to my regime is simplicity.  Any routine for a child will need to be easy, simple and quick. The two cornerstones for my routine are:

  • Regular washing and conditioning
  • Regular moisturising and un-knotting
  1. Shampooing and conditioning are processes that are often taken for granted in most healthy hair care regimes.
    • This is the foundation of any healthy hair care regime and should form part of anyone's regime.
    • The shampoo and conditioner not only clean but they also support healthy hair growth and retention.
    • Regular shampoo and conditioning helps provide the hair with the moisture it requires because water is encouraged to bind with the hair shaft each time the hair is washed.
    • Chemicals, additives and perfumes in shampoos and conditioners can strip the hair of essential oils, alter the pH balance and cause irritation over time, so opt for pure and natural products.
    • How frequently you wash depends on your child's hair: some hair types only need a weekly wash, some more frequently.  Experiment until you find a frequency that works for you and your child.
  1. Moisturising is key to the look and feel of your hair. A good moisturiser ensures that your hair looks well cared-for and provides protection against the day-to-day environment: dust, heat, air conditioning etc.
    • Curly and natural hair adore moisture (not grease).
    • If regular washing is not achievable, detanglers come into their own. They mostly consist of water and provide much-needed daily moisture to the hair.
    • Try not to comb curly hair when it is dry.  Dampen the hair with water or, better still, detangling spray or leave-in conditioner.  Use a wide tooth comb and start at the ends of the hair, working upwards in sections towards the scalp. 
    • Tease out knots gently, never pull or tug at tangles. 

Keep your child's routine as quick, easy and simple as possible to instil a healthy love of their hair and to avoid the dreaded hair horrors.... 

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