Does CurlyEllie Really Work - Rainbows Story

"There are so many curly hair care ranges on the Market for Curly hair.. how do I know that yours will work for me?"

"I have bought so many different products for my daughters hair. Nothing works!"

These are some of the very familiar questions and comments that many mums have asked me about our range. I always challenge them to give CurlyEllie a test and see the results for themselves. Here I share the gorgeous Rainbows story.

Rainbows Story

Recently, a lovely mum to a Curly Haired beauty contacted me and we spoke at length on the problems she faced looking after her cherubs hair - lots of very expensive shampoos, conditioners, silk pillows, silk hats, hair milk, hair lotions, oils etc  

Having been in exactly the same position myself a few years ago, I completely understood her frustration. Yes... It is very frustrating when you cant find the right product and each new one promises to be the answer.

As she read out the numerous products that lined her bathroom cabinet, I realised just how far her journey had been, to get her daughters curly hair looking shiny, healthy and beautiful. It was overwhelming and I was confident that CurlyEllie would help Rainbow as she started on her healthy hair journey. Believe me, it is NEVER too late.

I challenged Rainbows mum to use the CurlyEllie range and see the results for herself. These are the results - WHAT DO YOU THINK ? Does CurlyEllie work ? Leave comments below after viewing the results.



Rainbows hair before CurlyEllie:  Rainbow needed products to help show off her lovely curls. 

 Curly Hair Before CurlyEllie

After a week of using Curly Ellie

 CurlyEllie for Curly Haired KidsCurlyEllie for Curly Haired KidsRainbows amazing mum... amazing for many reasons, who also happens to have a heart of Gold left us this feedback.


A million “thank you’s”, curlyellie, my Daughters hair is now a huge bobble of curls.
The time and effort you have given me is priceless .
Does it work yes yes yes, my Daughters hair is multiracial, it was crispy and has been said resembles a lions mane !!, ha ha I hear your chuckle.
It is wonderful thank you let your Rainbow shine, with love xx.


To Rainbows mum : The "lions mane" comment - ha ha.. Opps!! It was really fantastic to meet you and Rainbow and learn about all the amazing things you have and are doing. Thank you for letting us share your Curly hair journey.  It will inspire many people battling with their curls.



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