Don’t let Sand be your only memory of the beach.


Summer is great – the sun is shining; the living is easy!

The one thing that is sure to ruin the mood after a great family day at the beach is the dreaded sand. It gets everywhere, between toes, on car seats, towels and of course.. on your lovely curly hair.

In addition, the sun really dries out the hair and shows no mercy. All your hard work hydrating, moisturising can suddenly all come undone.

How do you get rid of sand that takes its pride of place in your child’s curly hair.  And how do you keep the much needed moisture sealed into the hair?

This is the one time that dry curly hair comes into its own. It is so much easier to shake out sand in dry curly hair than in any other hair type… yay!!!! I can already see the smile on your face.

There are many school of thoughts on this, some include talcum powder, some include hoovering (?) but and my firm favourite is SBCT -  SHAKE IT, BRUSH IT, CLEAN IT, TREAT IT.

ALWAYS COAT THE HAIR WITH OUR DETANGLING SPAY BEFORE HEADING OUT . Apply the Detangling spray liberally through damp hair.  Do not rinse out.


  • When the hair is dry, which happens rather quickly for curly hair, lean over and just simply SHAKE it. There really is not much to it.
  • I rarely use a brush on Ellie’s hair, but this is the one occasion that I give my fingers a rest and really just BRUSH IT. This creates a mammoth explosion of frizz but it is the lesser of two evils AND because I know that I will TREAT IT later, we both live with it.
  • Shampoo the hair, at least twice after BRUSH IT, Using CurlyEllie shampoo, I normally wash Ellie’s curly locks at least twice till the hair runs clear and all the sand is out.
  • This step is so important for giving back nourishment and hydration to the hair. Don’t be tempted to skip through it.
  • Thoroughly condition the hair and leave the Nourishing conditioner on for at least 10 minutes to bring back the much needed hydration to the hair.
  • I always follow-on with our leave-in conditioner just to seal in the moisture and leave Ellie’s hair looking shiny, with well defined curls– all in time for dinner and the show.

Failing this, wear a swim cap, but that wouldn’t be such fun.. would it ?


How do you get the sand out of your kids hair? Share tips below


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