We cant pretend anymore.

Winter is great but not always for your curls. Your many notice that your scalp becomes a bit drier and itchier over the next few months because of the lack of moisture in the air.

This leads to issues like dandruff and and a more sensitive scalp. ❄️❄️🌀🌀❄️😍

The dry winter air teamed with the cold wind and the indoor heating can affect the health of your curls.

With a combination of all three your hair is more susceptible to damage. 

  1. Moisture is your best friend. A deep conditioning hair should be used at least once a week to restore that moisture.
  2. Our Scrunch Towels  are great as the roughness of a typical bath towel can disturb your curls and your hairs cuticles especially in the winter.
  3. Try some protective hairstyles such as French plaits.
  4. Wash your hair less so your hair retains its natural oils.
  5. Avoid heat more than ever as it can dry curls out in the winter.
  6. Pay extra attention to the ends and tips of your hair.
  7. Refresh yours curls throughout the day with a moisturising spray with glycerine.
  8. Keep you scalp hydrated from the inside by drinking loads of water.
  9. Avoid leaving your home with wet hair.
  10. Hydrate those curls every night with a Leave-In Conditioner.
  11. Line your winter head gear with satin so you are  kinder to your curls than wool or cotton.

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