If you haven’t noticed already, it’s redhead week here at CurlyEllie! We want to remind you all just how special you are so we are dedicating this whole week to all of you redheads, giving you pictures, reviews, facts, history and a special giveaway!

First of all, here’s 10 whole reasons why redheads are so amazing:


  • Redheads are super rare, which makes you very special. Less than two percent of the human population has red hair, and red hair with blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world! How’s that for individuality?


  • Redheads are basically miracles! For a redheaded child to be born, both parents must carry the recessive ginger gene, known as MC1R. And even then, there’s only 25% chance of having a baby with red hair. If that’s not a miracle then what is?


  • Redheads don’t go grey! These locks will slowly turn white via a beautiful rose gold colour when the time comes. Beat that.


  • Redheads produce their own Vitamin D! Due to having lower concentrations of eumelanin, Redheads can’t absorb enough Vitamin D so instead they can cleverly produce their own when exposed to low light conditions.


  • Redheads are so attractive that it’s been proven even bees are more attracted to redheads (take that how you wish).


  • Redheads are far harder to lose in crowds, which makes them great company for concerts and festivals…


  • …Unless of course you are going to the Netherlands, where a two-day long festival is hosted every September in honour of redheads. Do any other hair colours get celebrated like that? Didn’t think so.


  • Redhead’s get less wrinkles! Aversion of the sun means redheads get far less UV exposure, which accounts for 80% of wrinkles and ageing of the skin, therefore redheads stay youthful for longer!


  • Red hair is the colour of all the best things in life… Autumn, Christmas, Fire, Tigers, CurlyEllie Serum…


  • Even the royal family has the redhead gene, if that doesn’t prove the power of redheads then what does?


Redheads are taking over this autumn so If you have red hair wear it loud and proud! Remember just how special you are.


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