5 Leave In Conditioner Questions You Have Always Wanted To Ask - Part 1

You have probably had many questions about how to use our Leave In Conditioner, or, even found new interesting ways of using it on your gorgeous tresses.

Enjoy Part 1 of our Leave In Hair Tell all Extravanganza!

Question 1: Should I use a Leave In Conditioner or a Serum on frizzy hair?

Think of it like face moisturiser, but for your hair.

If you are unsure, try "layering" the Leave In Conditioner, followed by the Styling Serum, when your hair is almost dry.

Layering is a fab term to describe applying one Styling product on top of the other, one after the other.

Why Layer? Layering products is ideal for smoothing out frizzy, dry, or damaged hair.

The beauty with CurlyEllie is each product is designed to be layered without leaving the hair heavy or causing product build up.

So, apply wet or dry, mix and match between our three Leave In superstars

These are the products to transform unruly Autumn frizz and protect for winter. Our non greasy vegan formula all work together to give long lasting moisture which leaves the hair smooth, glossy and nourished.

Question 2: Can I use a Leave In Hair Conditioner daily?

YES! Just like a traditional conditioner, a good leave in conditioner provides hydration and to condition your hair - except you don’t rinse it out!

We always recommend little and often!

The best leave in conditioners can even double up as a hair mask to give an intense boost of moisture and nourishment which work to provide you with soft and healthy-looking hair. 

The main benefits of a product you apply after washing your hair is not just smoothing and styling but it also helps to lock in moisture that curly and dry hair really crave.

Our super ingredient, Camelina Sativa, does this without leaving a greasy feeling or residue.

It binds moisture, helps tame frizz and provides nourishment to hair – conditioning each shaft.

Question 3: Should I use a leave In conditioner on medium porosity hair?

Wet application is key when applying the Leave In Conditioner on medium porosity hair.

Our best leave in conditioner for dry hair contains Broccoli Seed oil which not only moisturises dry or unruly hair for a smooth, silky appearance, but it also detangles and strengthens your hair to make styling easier.

A fab tip is to apply the Leave In Conditioner on damp or wet hair, paying special attention to start at the ends and not the scalp. Comb through with our wide tooth comb or rake hair with fingers. Then AVOID TOUCHING YOUR HAIR UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY DRY!

Why Apply on wet or damp hair?

Applying leave-in conditioner to wet or damp hair locks in moisture, which smooths and softens hair especially if you have medium porosity hair that already has a healthy, open cuticle. Lucky you!

Your hair type absorbs what it needs and therefore remains hydrated, 1 product easy maintenance.

Question 4: Can I use a leave in conditioner on dry hair?

Now, you know our fabulous Leave In Conditioner can be applied on damp and wet hair with amazing results but have you tried it on dry hair?

Our Leave-In Conditioner is one of those hair care ‘must haves’ all of us should have in our Clean Beauty armoury. It rarely fails to deliver.

But those misty autumn mornings can play havoc with frizz control and leaving the house with wet hair can be cold and a pain. The Abyssinian oil we use in our Stylers are designed to lock in moisture. To avoid leaving home with wet hair, why not try our Moisturising Detangling Spray  followed by a 50p sized application of leave in conditioner on top (remember the "layering" technique?). It's the perfect weapon to pull out when your hair needs a 5 minute refresh.

Scrunch through and air dry on your way to that pumpkin spiced latte.

Question 5: Can I really use a leave in conditioner on dry hair?

Yes, really! If the spray and leave in combination and having to air dry those wet curls on really cold mornings fill you with dread, go straight to our Styling Serum and apply directly to dry hair. Our superhero ingredient, Glycerin, is not only a natural moisturiser found in your skin its humectant properties are legendary meaning it attracts that moisture in the air straight into your hair shaft. Lock in those curls with a gentle hold and keep hair silky, soft, and balanced. Did we mention the Pro Vitamin B5 that gives you such amazing shine?


 Join us next week for Part 2, and even more fantastic tips!


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