Accidental Minimalist Haircare Routine for Straight Hair

Since having children, gone are the days when I could spend ages looking after my hair. So, over time I’ve developed a quick and easy routine to look after my straight hair which still keeps it looking good, and here’s how I do it.

Having a good haircare routine is really important but I’ve had to adapt mine to make it as quick as possible as my children love playing peek-a-boo round the shower curtain and time in front of the mirror is minimal as it’s hard to style hair with two children hanging off my arms!

It was by accident that I started using CurlyEllie products – my daughter has curly hair and so I use the products on her hair with great results. I’d run out of my own product so used some of hers and I loved the results! So now I use them all the time (shhhh, don’t tell her!)

Shampoo – I wash my hair with CurlyEllie gentle shampoo – it’s a sulfate-free shampoo that cleans my hair without stripping it of its natural oils. The Aloe vera juice, quinoa protein and pro-vitamin B5 keep my hair looking healthy.

Conditioner – Using a good shampoo is important to clean your hair but conditioner is needed to keep hair silky and smooth. Choose products with ingredients that provide nourishment. I only use a tiny blob of CurlyEllie nourishing conditioner each time I wash as it’s quite rich for my hair type (I actually use more on my curly haired daughter as her hair needs more nourishment).

Deep Condition – About once a month I apply the intensive hair mask, it has Meadowform seed oil which absorbs quickly into the hair and helps minimize any frizz. It also provides great protection for  hair against heat so if I’m going to straighten my hair I’ll apply it more frequently.

Regular Haircuts - holy grail seems to be 6-8 weeks but with all best intentions I’m more like 6-8 months! When I have left it way too long to get a haircut I add some CurlyEllie leave-in conditioner to the ends of my hair and use the Intensive Hair Mask more frequently.

As with all hair types, straight hair comes in many different forms and working out what you need - and when - is half the battle. Wash too much and your hair can be stripped of its natural oils which will make it dry. Wash too little and your hair will end up oily. Experiment with quantities and frequency. When I switched to CurlyEllie I noticed I needed to wash my hair less. I could stretch to three days instead of two days which made me very happy!

That’s it! Super simple but it works for me with the limited time I have – and to be honest, the results are better than when I used to spend longer on my hair!

And before you ask…no, using curly hair products on my hair doesn’t make my hair curly!





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