WE ARE ON THE SHELVES... Dont pinch me.

We are on the shelves in Wholefoods - my favourite store of all.

Having spent a lot of my time in Wholefoods perusing the counter for natural hair products for my daughter Ellie, and tucking into the many amazing dishes, it was always a dream to be stocked by the leading natural retailer.

If this is a dream, dont pinch me.

CurlyEllie was inspired by my daughter Ellie, who, as a baby and young child, suffered from several allergies. She reacted to nuts, wheat and dairy, she had terrible eczema and her skin was very sensitive. She even had an Epipen prescribed in-case she came into contact with Dairy.

Her hair was a tangled, wild forest of curls that was hard to tame using the products on the shelves - Believe me, I tried them all.

Finding no holy grail, I started learning about products that could detangle her curly hair. I researched pure and natural ingredients that could soothe her scalp as well as discipline her frizzy hair. I experimented with hair-care routines and learned about texture, conditioning and how to nourish her tresses and make her curls glossy. I investigated combinations of plant products such as quinoa, broccoli seed oil and sweet almond oil.

The result was a hair care range named after my daughter, Ellie.

Now we are in Wholefoods, where "healthy" means a whole lot more....... Am I dreaming ?

CurlyEllie  are custom crafted, high quality and unique hair products designed specifically for sensitive, curly, kinky and frizzy hair to moisturise, hydrate, detangle, define and shine curls. 
All our products are free of Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral Oils, SLS.

Most importantly, all our materials are sourced in an ecologically conscious way.


We are closing down our online store for a while, but you can pick us up from your local Wholefoods... did I just say that ???

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