How amazing to be specially hand picked by WholeFoods Supermarket as one of their BEST BRITISH Brands...

Best of British - CurlyEllieAs a mum to four children with sensitive skin and allergies, I spent years searching in vain for a gentle, effective and pure product for my children’s curly hair and sensitive scalps.How amazing to be sharing the podium with such amazing British Brands. It is truely humbling.

I turned to kind and gentle products and eventually developed my own shampoo, conditioner and detangler.  

The range, called CurlyEllie, was named after and inspired by my daughter Ellie.

I wanted Ellie to have high quality and high performance haircare products without nasty additives and without damage to our environment. 

Seeing so many curlies now demanding exceptional hair care, I am so pleased that we are making a massive difference to the Curly Hair Care community. 

This has all been possible by our ever growing, loyal and amazing CurlyEllie community that has supported our journey and celebrated our many successes.

GRAB your BEST of British today

Thank you

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