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Sitting outside, coffee in hand with the morning song taking over your ears and your eyelids forcing closure ‘another half hour and I’ll head to bed’ you tell yourself as the idea of curling up in bed becomes more and more enticing. However the burden of what you could be doing instead of sleeping remains pushing to the front of your mind causing you to get up, get back to the desk and continue.

I’m sure any night-time worker can relate to that paragraph, however anyone who doesn’t share this lifestyle will be thinking why not do your work during the day and sleep at night like the rest of us? Yet until you’ve experienced the warming silence of the early hours, the delightful taste of double chocca mochas at 3am and most importantly the comparison of work you get done during the day to through the night, you’ll never understand.

Being a smart phone addict, I struggle to get anything done during day-time hours, I have multiple group chats at their peak and twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to repetitively scroll through, however during the night while all my friends and followers are sleeping (god forbid those Australian Instagram clothing boutiques I only ever buy from at 4am) I can really get stuck into my work with no distractions and actually get that blog post finished, those invoices done and plan, lots and lots of planning goes on during the night. Planning through the night has an empowering feeling, knowing everyone else is sleeping while I’m making plans gives me this warm sensation that I’m growing, I’m gaining a lead in the race and success is on its way, and anyone will know that to work hard at anything you need motivation, night-time planning is mine and it can be yours too.

I’m going to show you my sneaky routine for being a night-owl, bear in mind this isn’t the healthiest lifestyle and it may not work for any of you with early starts however those of you who work from home, own your own companies or are in-between jobs.. This may just work wonders for you.

* Monday morning I rise around 1-2pm, have a shower relax for about an hour, watch whatever show I’ve been meaning to watch, or an episode of whatever series I’m watching (currently on my 3rd time watching prison break) (sad I know).

* I make a checklist in my notes on my phone, I try and stay away from the computer during the daytime as these are my resting hours, I write in my checklist exactly what I need to get done, e.g. plan an event, look at contacts for PR, invoices etc. I personally like to screenshot those notes and put them as my lock-screen background (iPhone user) just to in-still those obligations into my head every time I look at my phone (which is a lot).

* There are some tasks that need to get done during the day, i.e. contacting people, 

* Around 9pm I make a coffee, after spending about 10 minutes deciding between caramel latte, gingerbread latte or double chocca mocha (they’re amazing honestly).

* I head up to my office and make a start, I use posted notes on my wall for each of the tasks I need to get done, once done I can rip the note off and chuck it in the bin.

* I take breaks almost every 1-2 hours, if I finish my coffee or need to go to the bathroom, that’s when I decide to take a 20 minute break (no gulping down your coffee every half hour- that’s cheating) being a smoker myself, I like to sit outside on my breaks, watching the sun come up with the quiet sound of birds waking up. If you want to become a night-worker you have to learn to love the birds, you can’t defeat them, they’ll always be there chirping at 5am so you have to learn to embrace them and accept that these birds are here to tell you

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