CurlyEllie Introduces - #CurlBuddy

I have had so many emails asking for tips on how to manage curly hair - All curls are unique, and there's no one-step recipe for perfection. Different curl types require different care regimes, and it can take some testing to work out what is best for your curls.

So Emma and I have been working on ways to help and we have come up with Curly Buddy

CurlyEllie Curl Buddy

What is the CurlyEllie #CurlBuddy ?

  • Wouldn't it be nice to have a buddy to chat all things curls with? Like a pen pal buddy that you can share and swap tips with from washing, conditioning, styling, getting rid of bed hair and many more.

How can you get involved ?

    • All you need to do is Email with your details along with a picture of your little ones curls - and Ellie will buddy you up with someone with a similar curl type!







Where do I start :

  • You both hare tips for care ( washing, conditioning, styling),  the CurlyEllie products you love and how you use them!
  • It's a win win ... you get a buddy to chat with, and your little one gets to see a friend with the same curls as them!  

Making us realise it's good to talk..especially when it's about curls!


Keep us updated!! With your new 'curl buddy' come up with a # that best describes your curl friendship and let us know how your blossoming friendship and top swaps are getting on 

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