Curl Transformations Stories with CurlyEllie

Revive your Curls with CurlyEllie


Since launching CurlyEllie, I have been so humbled by the many curly hair transformation stories that I have received from our Curlies who had almost given up on their curls.

In this blog, I am sharing some of last months curl transformation stories from our growing CurlyEllie community. I am hoping that these stories will inspire you to fall back in love with your curls. It is never too late.


THANK YOU to everyone that shared your stories - we are looking forward to the tags #CurlyEllieSummerSeries to see what you have all been up to over the summer. 

You can find the pictures and follow the stories on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Our CurlyEllie From Canada

  • "CurlyEllie saves the day. Check for the last before picture. Used the full line for amazing results!  

    Got knots out that had been holding strong for ages, smells lovely, no real fuss from and over tired 2.5 year old #hairgoal #newlife #thankyou and yes I have tried salon professional products, baby products and products for biracial kids nothing worked like this. "

After Using the best Curly Hair ProductsAfter Using the best Curly Hair ProductsAfter Using the best Curly Hair Products

Scroll down to see her hair BEFORE CurlyEllie



Before Using the best Curly Hair Products

From the lovely Donna - Perfect for adults too

  • I've been heat and sulphate free for 2 months now and my curls are nicely repairing themselves, all thanks to @curlyellie and her 100% curl friendly products of course 🙌🏼 (and that I've stopped burning the life out of it with daily straightening!) hopefully by 4 months I'll have an impressive head of curls but for now, I'm getting used to life with wild hair!! ❤️ 

Product for Curly Hair

Our beautiful and lucky July Facebook Competition Winner

"you were warned of the over share of our #curljourney with @curlyellieproducts and wow! The bottom pics are this morning before we even attempted a comb through and the top is now 😍 the curls are just amazing and so defined! No frizz and little miss even decided on a change of clothes in between and still no frizz "

Best Product for Curly Hair


No more words from this gorgeous CurlyEllie and her beautiful curls.

We are super happy with our new @curlyellie products!🎉 Top left is what we wake up to, crazy frizzy hair, bottom left is after I have brushed with the #detanglingspray I also use a spritz of water at this point too. Picture on the right is the end result after using #leaveinconditioner - lovely defined curls that are staying put!! Thank you #curlyellie such a great result for our daughter's #mixedraced hair 👍🏼🙌🏼🎉 

Best Hair Product for Curly Hair


We could not finish this without including the most gorgeous Twins - Zack and Zara

  • @curlyellie products are amazing!!! There were no tears during bath time for Zack and Zara. Their hair looks so beautiful and it was so easy to wash! 

Perfect Curls courtesy of CurlyEllieBest Products for Curls


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