Bring out your best curl with our Special Curly Hair Towels

Let’s be honest, we all wish there was a faster way to dry our hair a lot quicker - especially for those last-minute plans where you try to squeeze in a super quick hair wash, dry and style. Isn’t it such a hassle? 

Here at CurlyEllie, we decided that we wanted to add something extra that will really bring out the best hair for our curly haired community. Our aim is to repair dry, damaged hair and tackle frizz so that your hair can look and feel it’s best… which is why we have created our very own microfiber towel in 2 different sizes.

  • The Scrunch Towel is smaller, light weight and perfect for little heads and scrunching.
  • The Curl Towel is bigger and perfect to wrap around your head,

And now it’s time for… the benefits of using The Scrunch and Curl Towel;

▪ It absorbs moisture more efficiently from hair
▪ The density of fibers are a lot finer than human hair making it gentler to the strands 
▪ You just need to pat dry which creates a lot less damage to the hair cuticles 
▪ Hair is more fragile when wet and if rubbed it leads to broken cuticles and frizziness
▪ You can decrease the time spent using a hair dryer, straighteners and curling tongs which can lead to extra dryness and damage to the hair

Wouldn’t you love to restore and regain the youthful locks you once had?


Well look no further…

That’s right! … we have released the new CurlyEllie Scrunch and Curl Towel!

All of your issues with frizz and tangled hair will be massively minimised!

How do I use the towel?

When you’ve finished washing your hair and you dry using a cotton towel, a lot of the moisture is drawn out and your curls are left looking and feeling dry, frizzy and lifeless.

What microfiber does is catch the excess droplets of water but without soaking up too much. This is perfect for potential styling immediately after washing. With the hair still wet, you can apply as much of our products as necessary for your hair type and leave to dry naturally wrapped up in the Curl Towel or Scrunched with the Scrunch Towel.

Curly hair is the driest hair type, so if you can find a way to keep the moisture locked in, the more your hair will benefit and shine at its best.

How long will it take before I see a difference?


  • As with any new product and technique, your hair needs time to adjust and work with what it is being given.
  • Sometimes things work and sometimes not. With our Scrunch and Curl Towel, you can relax knowing that there are only benefits from using one.
  • Even from the first use you should notice a difference as your hair will contain a lot more moisture than the previous wash if you were using a towel made from another material.


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