Top 5 things I miss about the City

Everyone bashes the City and since leaving just under a year ago to launch my own business, I still have a hankering for the City.. Like the Bad boyfriend you could never quite get over with occasional 'ahhhs' when they come to mind.

Having one of those days, I decided to write down the top 5 things I miss about the City. I love lists.....

1. Straightforwardness/Honesty

This may not be the first thing that you expected to see at the top of my list.. This might even shock or surprise you. But those working in the City know what I mean. When I have my nostalgic moments, I muse on City talk. A spade is a spade. If you mess up.. you will be told and FIRED!!! immediately.

2. Lunches

Working lunches, Business lunches, networking lunches, brainstorming lunches, team lunches... Get the picture????? Liquid lunches...... those were the best.

3. Jargon

Considering the first item on the list, this one might seem to people to be a contradiction. The Jargon's that I came across where so hilarious, it was like being chatted up on a night out by the pimply kid in the corner that had read a book on how to chat up women... Cringe! But - I LOVED the Jargon... "Elephant in the room","Boiling Frog", "Teflon"-  a personal favourite of mine. 

4. You know your Enemy!

I wont kid you - the City is war. No one is your friend for very long. You can always trust a colleague to do the right thing, if there is an upside for them.

The phrase "My enemies enemy is my friend" sums it all up


5. Finally - This just makes the list by a whisker


I will just throw this out there - please dont bash me before looking around you on your walk into work.... The quality of male grooming is not what it used to be. Dont misunderstand me..  I don't want a return to the Old old days of Bowler hats and umbrellas. I am talking Clean shoes, Shirts that dont have last nights take away on it.

What did the old Barclays Boss ban.. ah yeah.. FLIP FLOPS in the office!




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