Hair Cuts at Home

Do you cut your kids curly hair at home or have it professionally cut at a hair dresser?

My 7-year-old asked me this morning if he could get his curly hair cut at the local hairdresser that we pass everyday on the way to school.  I have never given this much thought but on the way home I started musing about it.

Here are my objections:

Money: I am a mum to 4 children, let’s say a typical cut costs £10 and you cut each child’s hair once a month. That’s £480 (4 x 10  x 12) a year!!

Time: My to-do list is overflowing … do I need yet another item on it ?

The experience: My friends all recount their children haircut horror stories and this fills me dread, even just contemplating it. I love cutting my sons curly hair. It is a bonding experience. There's something very calming and special about having your parent's attention focused on you for a while. Childhood is so precious and fleeting.

But on the flip side, my son is at the perfect age right now to be expressing his independence in all sorts of ways - including making his own "fashion" choices.. He is particular about his shoes, school tie and how he wears his hat. Some days he goes sans blazer and some days he insists on being immaculate, including tucking-in his shirt? Does this make him fashionable?

If so, should I let him experiment with different haircuts and looks? Or is he still too young?  Am I putting too much emphasis on superficial appearance?

Thankfully, I have until the weekend to decide. Let me know what you think below

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