Curly Ellie's Haircare Secrets


There's no one-step solution for curly hair, each type is different, beautiful and requires unique attention. Creating CurlyEllie, I found that the best tips came from within the curly community - here's a selection of my favourites!

Never brush hair dry

Avoid brushing curly hair when dry because it will cause the hair to frizz and separate due to a breaking up of the curl. Instead, use a wide-tooth plastic comb to gently detangle the hair after gently spraying your hair with our Moisturising Detangling Spray


If you must brush, brush when conditioning

Sometimes tangles are unavoidable. Gently tease out knots when the hair is wet, and well-lathered with conditioner.  Start at the ends and hold the hair near the knot and very gently work the brush through the hair, a small section at a time.

Pat and squeeze your curls to dry

In movies, the star steps out of the shower and rubs her hair vigorously to dry it.  In real life, curly hair should be patted and gently squeezed dry to avoid breaking up the curl and creating the dreaded frizz.


STAY HYDRATED - Both outside...

Curly hair needs moisture. Use a good quality conditioner with every wash. Yes. Every. Single. Wash. And sometimes in-between washes.  Use conditioner on the ends of the hair, avoiding the scalp, and rinse well to avoid a greasy, overloaded scalp. On days you do not wash your hair, invest in a light weight Detangling and highly hydrating Spray to introduce a daily dose of moisture to the hair.

And in!

Dehydration is as bad for curly hair as it is for skin. We lose around 3 litres of water from our bodies every single day: 1- 2 litres through urine, ½ litre during breathing and around ½ litre through sweat (more during physical exercise or in hot weather). Make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water each day to replace the water loss and to avoid dehydration. Your whole body as well as your hair will thank you.

Sleep tight, with your hair loose!

Whilst it might be tempting to sleep with curly hair in plaits or twists so that the hair is more manageable in the morning, over time the pressure on the hair when you toss and turn whilst asleep will drag, damage and split the hair, and pull the curls straight.  Wherever possible, sleep with the hair untied, ideally with a scarf loosely tied around the hair, or, better still, an old stocking to hold the hair or our Curl scrunchies.  The scarf or stocking will protect the hair from frizz or breakage as you move around whilst asleep


Finally, respect your curls!

You will love 'em, at times you may hate 'em, but always respect your curls.  Hair goes through many changes over time, so treat your curls with gentle loving care to keep them happy, healthy and looking their best.