Behetrimorium Methosulfate

Behetrimorium methosulfate is a key CurlyEllie Ingredient used in our CurlyEllie Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner. 

Behetrimorium methosulfate is considered one of the best ingredients for detangling hair and Behetrimorium methosulfate is naturally derived from rapeseed oil.    

Why do we use it ?  

Not only is great at detangling, it is all also considered to be very safe, gentle and kind to skin and hair.    
Behetrimorium methosulfate is considered the most superior among other hair conditioning agents because of its innate property to thicken, condition and detangle hair. Hair may be combed completely even when wet plus it is gentle enough, even for sensitive skin use.

Behetrimorium methosulfate  is known for its de-tangling and hair thickening properties. It directly deposits onto the hair follicle to smooth out the cuticles and therefore it is highly regarded for its conditioning abilities.


    Key Benefits for Curly Hair

    1. Behetrimorium methosulfate has the ability to moisturise and condition hair to the roots. It has the ability to penetrate up to the hair shaft making hair healthier and thus easy to comb and maintain.
    2. Behetrimorium methosulfate does not coat the scalp and leave excess chemical build up on the surface of the scalp but penetrates hair up to the roots.
    3. You would notice that many products for young children and babies have this chemical as an important ingredient because it is generally mild on skin and hair.
    4. Behetrimorium methosulfate increases slip and aids in closing the cuticle, due to its cationic nature.

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